Body Diversity Competition Launches At Graduate Fashion Week 2012

All Walks' Diversity NOW! Competition

All Walks' Diversity NOW! Competition

Talent Management has just found out that at Graduate Fashion Week 2012 (GFW), All Walks Beyond the Catwalk launched Diversity NOW!; a national student design competition in association with i-D Magazine, supported by Arts Thread, GFW and Own Label, that is set to discover young creative people to lead the way towards a diverse future in fashion.

With entrance categories including Womenswear, Menswear, Fashion Film, Zines, Photography, Journalism, and Illustration, the competition is looking for students to create a piece of work that embodies the organisation’s philosophy, which is all about individuality and diversity in body and beauty ideals.

On the All Walks website, the organisation said: “Now is the time for creatives to boldly vision a fashion future which steps beyond stereotypes, redefines boundaries and celebrates a wider range of beauty and body ideals in age, size and race than are currently reflected in our media. A fashion future that truly celebrates individuality, in all its myriad forms, not the homogenised consistently branded version of it.”

Co-founders Debra Bourne, Caryn Franklin and model Erin O’Connor added: “We believe diversity can enhance creativity not impede it. Like the multitude of silhouettes our industry creates, beauty is also individual. It’s not restricted by age, shape, skin tone or size.”

Talent Management couldn’t agree more. As an all-inclusive modelling agency, we know all too well that models can have a powerful influence over people and their identity, and believe that this power can be used to promote individuality and self-esteem through diversity.

So, if you’re a student and want to get involved, you need to create a directional, aspirational piece of work that showcases fashion on a range of body types and individuals. Think exciting, striking and cutting-edge images, film, design or prose, and show All Walks what your vision of fashion’s future looks like.

Arts Thread will post the college brief for students and tutors this September and i-D Magazine will also announce the competition online. Arts Thread will host the competition and judging process from then until April next year when i-D Magazine will feature the finalists online. Own Label will also work with the Menswear and Womenswear winners to produce the designs for sale with a percentage donation for the All Walks Centre of Diversity.

For more information on prizes, submission details and entry requirements view the full Diversity NOW! terms and conditions here.

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