Jessie J May Be Dumped From The Voice After ‘Lame’ Comment

According to reports that have made their way to modelling agency Models Direct this week, ‘mouthy’ Jessie J may risk being axed from The Voice after upsetting senior staff with her attitude towards the programme…

'The Voice' judge - Jessie J
'The Voice' judge - Jessie J

According to reports that have made their way to talent and modelling agency Talent Management this week, Jessie J may be at risk of being axed from The Voice after upsetting senior staff with her attitude towards the programme.

To the dismay of producers, The Voice has suffered a huge drop in ratings in recent weeks. Now they are rumoured to be searching for alternative judges ‘to add some much needed glamour’, following remarks from singer Jessie J which – according to some sources – left them fuming last week.

The singer told Graham Norton on Friday night that she did not watch the singing talent show, would not take part as a contestant herself and referred to elements of it as “lame”. BBC executives are said to be less than impressed with the comments.

An insider told the Daily Mirror: “Many of the show’s most senior staff are angry that Jessie criticised the show’s production values so publicly. She is paid a huge amount of money to be a big part of the show and should be one of the show’s most vocal supporters.

“It has had an impact on what many of the show’s staff think about her. Obviously the dip in viewers means producers need to speak frankly with all members of the team, but with Jessie there’s not really any point. You can’t tell her anything.”

Another source was quoted as adding: “With Jessie in particular, the staff are becoming frustrated that she is so unapproachable. She turns up with a legion of minders, assistants and hangers on and is sometimes late too. It’s like an audience with the Queen – although Her Majesty’s timekeeping is probably better.”

Jessie has also come under fire from fans of The Voice who have described her negative comments about acts who chose to be accompanied by dancers during their performances as ‘hypocritical’.

Opinion in the public domain is, as always, divided. Adrian Rich told the Mirror: “I couldn’t agree more with the comments about Jessie. I’m relieved to know it’s not just me that finds her immature. As for publicly biting the hand that feeds – if an excuse to axe her was ever needed, it is no longer.”

John Holdcroft disagreed: “Jessie J is a good judge and coach and should be kept on the show, all 4 judges are great and honest.”

What do you think of Jessie J and the other judges on The Voice? Is a shake up needed?