Ava Smith Reveals What It’s Really Like Catwalk Modelling At Fashion Week

Models On The Catwalk
Models On The Catwalk

In a series dubbed ‘How Fashion Week Gets Made’, Fashionista recently asked model Ava Smith what her day to day life is working as a model at NYFW. Covering everything from nerves to catwalking technique, the Talent Management models were intrigued by what she had to say…

Firstly, the Chicago-born model attempted to describe a typical day as a model at fashion week, which evidently doesn’t exist: “There is no typical day of fashion week. That’s the beauty and the curse. It’s a medley of fittings, castings, shows and subway trips all mixed together in different ratios every day. You probably are going to start really early though, and go well into the evening! Coffee, Vitamin C, and easy on the go snacks become your best friends.”

So how does she find being backstage at a fashion show? “It’s kinda like a big traffic jam… Everyone has their assigned tasks and is trying to get where they’re supposed to be. It makes it really hard to get anywhere. But everyone is still trying to rush anyway… its fun… and funny :-)”

Continuing, she says the most stressful aspect of working at fashion week is trying to make every appointment, while the most fun part is “being part of a production that is a collaboration of different artists”.

The young model then goes on to reveal how nervous she feels on the catwalk and how she approaches modelling: “I think it would be strange not to be nervous. It’s part of the thrill I think. It’s finding comfort in the adrenaline rush…that’s the trick.

“You try and become the character the designer wants to represent the brand, whatever that may be.”

Keep checking back on the Talent Management Blog as we later discover what the casting and fittings experience is like for Ava at fashion week.