Obama’s Valentine’s Day Plans

For some of us Valentine’s Day seems to get more expensive every year, and it seems we are not alone. One of over 140,000 questions recently put to President Obama via YouTube in a question and answer session was, “What are you getting Michelle for Valentine’s day?”

“I will tell you,” he responded, “that the more I am campaigning, the more I am president, each Valentine’s Day seems to get more expensive… I’ve got more to make up for.”

The president went on to joke that he used to “get away with flowers” but ended by saying that they would probably opt for a date night out on Valentine’s Day as what his wife usually wanted most of all was “time”.

For those of you who don’t have a date this year, remind yourself of the positive side of of being single with this guide; Models Direct: 30 Reasons To Be Happy That You’re Single (male or female)

Whether you are single or in a relationship, whatever you do on Valentine’s Day Talent Management hopes that you have a great time!