Top Five Timeless Fashion Items

At this time of year it is tempting to go out and buy something new for your spring/summer wardrobe but how can you do this without the guilt trip that follows? Talent Management think that the best way to shop guilt free is to go for something that is versatile and stands the test of time. So, while we will go on making sure that you are always up to date with the latest trends, below are Talent Management’s top five timeless fashion items.

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Pumps. Black, red or you own personal favourite colour; ballet style pump shoes have helped women, teens and children everywhere to look feminine and classic and they show no sign of going out of fashion any time soon. Pick a pair and wear them with skirts, trousers, dresses or jeans this spring/summer.

Denim. Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans and, if you avoid very specific trends (like red denim or high waists), you can keep going back to yours for years. One of Talent Management’s favourite facts about denim is that it practically lasts forever, and often looks and feels better with a bit of wear. If you don’t own a favourite pair of jeans then this is an investment worth making.

White shirt. What better item to pair with your best jeans than a crisp white shirt or tee? If you would like to keep yours looking fab be prepared to pay a little more for quality and wash with whites only.

LBD. The little black dress is probably the best known ‘must-have’ fashion item, worn by fashionistas from Audrey Hepburn to Victoria Beckham. A well fitting black dress is a wardrobe essential and you can dress it up or down with a pretty pashmina or a boyfriend blazer.

Leather bag. One good leather bag can see your through from everyday to special occasions. Go for a neutral colour if you want real versatility.