Taking on a new role with Models Direct

The requirements for Advertising Modelling are very similar to Commercial Modelling, there are no strict requirements on size and height, it’s more to do with confidence and overall look!

Mostly you have to meet the requirements and criteria set by the client which usually means you will have to represent an idealised look of their target market. The client will be looking for a model who represents their product/service and their consumer can relate to. Models Direct represent a variety of people with different looks, sizes and abilities.

Models are needed to promote all kinds of products including food, holidays, cars, furniture, lifestyle, shops and hotels.

Below is a video of our model Mark in an Advertising Commercial for Mr Lee’s Noodles:

Advertising Modelling comes in many different forms from TV, newspapers, magazine and billboard adverts. Skills in acting might set you apart from the rest, as well as an outgoing personality and strong self presentation skills. Confidence is a trait a client will be looking for to, often you will be posing or acting in a different role, so the ability to adapt quickly is key!

There is a big demand in advertising modelling and it is where the majority of the modelling jobs come from. The Assignments team at Models Direct are speaking everyday with clients in the Advertising industry who are looking to source models.

See for yourself, everywhere you look people are being used in adverts. Next time you read a newspaper or magazine take a look at just how many everyday men, women and children are being selected.