Talent Management Reviews: “They Are Completely Honest And Transparent” Says Happy TM Model

Talent Management reviews its models and assignments on a regular basis and feedback from models about their experience with us is of particular interest…

Female Talent Management model Sharon
Female Talent Management model Sharon

Talent Management reviews its models and assignments on a regular basis, but when we get feedback from models about their experience with us it is of particular interest – and something we are very proud to share with our readers. This feedback from 36-year-old female TM model Sharon is certainly no exception. Please read on to hear why she is pleased to have made our agency her “number one choice”.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a model for the day. This was my first assignment, so naturally I was a bit nervous to begin with. However, the client was extremely friendly and professional and I was soon put at ease. This is something, without hesitation, that I would definitely do again! The most enjoyable part of the assignment for me was the model role play. The group of models I was assigned with for the day were a great bunch of people and we all got along exceptionally well!

“The assignment was promoting Cineworld and its products. It included testing the various special effects used for movies. The skills I learnt included effective communication, confidence building, and good team working. I would recommend the experience to others as I believe that everyone is talented in different ways. It is about finding your talent and embarking upon it. If anyone is considering pursuing work in the talent industry, I would encourage them to join a reputable agency such as Talent Management.

“I personally decided upon Talent Management instead of another agency, simply because they are completely honest and transparent about everything. I have found the staff friendly and have immediate access to an agent if I have any queries. They are also efficient in updating me on my e-portfolio views through email so I can gauge the level of interest in my profile. In my opinion, they are ahead of many others in the talent management industry. I am pleased that I made them my No.1 choice!”

If you think modelling is something that you would enjoy why not apply at Talent Management agency? We provide information and advice on modelling, acting, dancing, singing, entertaining and music on the Talent Management website – designed to help you whatever your talent. There is also a whole section devoted to Talent Management reviews.

If you’re a photographer with an assignment coming up and you think that Sharon may be right for the job simply contact Talent Management’s booking team on 0844 334 0000, quoting his model reference number ‘BM603288’ or fill in a model request form at www.talentmanagement.com/talent-hire.