Baby Modelling Casting Calls – A Survival Guide for Parents


It can be an exciting time stepping into the world of child and baby modelling jobs. For the uninitiated trying to navigate this new world, however, or even for experienced parents trying to work out how to best to secure the best parts whilst juggling the day to day demands of family life, it can often be a little bit overwhelming.

With many years experience under our belt, working with hundreds of big name clients and thousands of child models of all ages, Talent Management has put together a handy survival guide for parents. Our top modelling tips for castings will hopefully make the process of securing a role and navigating auditions a little easier for you – and help you avoid any faux pas that could lead to missing out on the job of your dreams for your child. Remember that introducing your baby or child into the world of modelling will be a positive experience and is sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime. Good luck!

  • Do your research – Before you attend a casting call, you need to ensure that you’re being invited to a real audition, and that you aren’t going to be asked for money. When you work with a reputable agency like Talent Management, you’ll only even be put forward for free castings calls, with companies that we’ve carefully vetted and built relationships with over the years. However, answering newspaper adverts can often lead to turning up at sales pitches where someone is trying to sell you a dream or an idea, and looking for you to pay upfront. Run to the hills.
  • Follow the brief – You’ll be given a call sheet which will detail all the instructions and information you need for casting day. This could include when to arrive, whether you need to bring headshots or wardrobe changes. If there’s no wardrobe advice for dressing your baby, keep things simple. Regular day to day kids wear, groomed nails and hair and no make-up. It goes without saying – don’t be late! You could miss your audition slot, meaning you lose out on the job. Clients don’t want to take a risk on their model being late on the big day and costing them money.
  • Be prepared to wait – Castings – just like shoots – can be long days, particularly for children and babies. There are often tweaks to scripts or set required, costume changes, decisions on who to call back for second audition, and you may be asked to wait around whilst this goes on. This can be tricky with a young child and the more prepared you are the better. Bring plenty of drinks and snacks, but make sure they don’t mess up your child’s clothes. Sugary foods are best avoided – the last thing your potential client wants is a waiting room full of hyperactive kids trying to outdo each other. Even a little sugar can lead to lack of focus in the casting call. Have back up wardrobe in case of any food based or other mishap. You also can’t go wrong with some toys, colouring books and crayons to entertain older children if they get bored. Particularly for younger babies, try to factor in their normal routine. Make sure to time feeds in line with your slot where possible to avoid disruption and perhaps try to tweak nap time for a few days before in line with the requirements of the day’s action.
  • Book a babysitter for siblings – It can be difficult when you’re often attending last minute castings and struggling for childcare, but booking a babysitter for the siblings is ideal. Attending with just yourself and your baby makes a big difference and is often key to a successful audition. It’s so difficult to be focused on this when you’re conscious of what your other kids are doing across the room, after all.
  • Enjoy the experience – Child and baby modelling can be tough, but it’s also extremely rewarding for parents.  If your little one doesn’t want to audition or is grizzly, then it just means it’s not the right day for it, and there will be other auditions. And where you do have successes, celebrate afterwards!