4 Simple Steps To Becoming A Teenage Model

You’ve probably read a whole heap of advice online about how to start out in the modelling industry, and you might have noticed that some of it’s quite conflicting, making it more than a little tricky to settle on exactly how you should go about signing up to teenage modelling agencies. It’s one of the problems with being so inundated with information – not all of it can be right (especially when it doesn’t all agree).

So while you’ll no doubt find different advice elsewhere, this is how we think teenagers should start the process of becoming a model (and we are a pretty great teenage modelling agency if we do say so ourselves). Without further ado:

  1. What sort of modelling are you interested in?

There’s lots of different types of teen modelling out there, and you can have your pick of the lot. Deciding which area you really want to focus on will help you structure the rest of your search though, so it does help if you have some idea what you’d really like to do. For example, fashion modelling is by far the hardest area to break into. This is the catwalks and the big jobs. To succeed you will need to be a particular size and shape, because it means the clothes don’t need to be tailored, they can just be made to the size that all these models are and the designers will know they look great.

Fashion modelling is definitely the elite option, and you might find the whole process really disheartening because it can be a pretty cut throat industry.

Teen modeling agencies such as Talent Management will be able to find you much more work in something like commercial modelling. It’s far less specific so it means that when you do audition and win jobs you won’t be doing the same thing twice. Much more exciting!

  1. Get permission

When you’re under 16 you’re going to need to speak to your parents before you go any further. If you are serious about getting started with modelling they’re going to need to be on board as well. From a legal stand point they will need to give you permission, but also in terms of practically you’re probably going to have to rely on mum and dad to get you to the auditions or the jobs in the first place.

  1. Do some research

Once you’ve got that all important yes, you’re going to need to get down to some research. Mum and dad might even help you with this because they might have slightly different criteria from you. We’d recommend that you find several teenage modelling agencies and don’t just focus on one. It’s quite rare that you’ll be asked to sign up to an exclusivity deal with your agency, but check the small print to make sure. By signing up with more than one you’re more likely to end up with at least a few jobs, but don’t just sign up to everything you come across and spread yourself too thin.

  1. Develop your portfolio

Your online modelling portfolio is how you’ll get the work. It’s basically a lovely shiny advertisement for how great you are, so make sure that comes across. You can include skills as well as pictures, as you can also pick up with this way. Language skills are often particularly desirable, but anything from horse riding to gymnastics and beyond could make you the perfect candidate.

You’re also going to want to have some good snaps in there of course. These don’t need to be professional, but they should be quite clear. For more on how to build your portfolio, read our blog on the topic.

Good luck!