Picking The Right Baby Modelling Agency

There are countless baby modelling agencies who represent children of all ages, from birth until teenage years and beyond. It can seem a little bit overwhelming trying to narrow it down to the right one, but it also feels like a really important decision. After all – if you pick the wrong company your beautiful baby might not find any work, or you might feel pressured into working more than you initially wanted to, and travelling further than you had planned.

How much are you prepared to travel?

Does the baby modelling agency you’re considering allow you to state how far you will be willing to travel? While many castings and photo shoots will be based in big cities like London, Birmingham or Manchester, others might be further afield, especially those which aren’t based in a studio. Think about how much travel will add to the length of your little one’s day. And you really don’t want to ruin any semblance of a sleeping pattern you’ve managed to convince them into with early starts and ad hoc napping.

The best baby modelling agencies will let you set a radius of how far you’re willing to travel. Think about this carefully. While that drive from Norfolk to London might usually take you two hours on a good run, in the early morning or if there is an accident or road works which you weren’t expecting, it can take a lot longer. You’ll also need to attend both casting calls, and (hopefully) the shoot itself.

This will mean at least two journeys for every single job. And if you don’t drive, it can be even harder. You’ll be relying on public transport to get you everywhere – and not everywhere can be easily reached via public transport, especially when travelling with a baby.

Look for reviews – but take them with a pinch of salt

If you don’t know anyone with first-hand experience of a reputable agency, look to the web. The agency’s site itself is a good place to start. They will usually publish a range of testimonials which will give you a good idea of what it’s like to work with them. You might even be able to get in touch with other mums if you want a little bit more information.

There will be negative reviews for every single agency out there. They might have the best reputation in the world but everyone is unfortunately subject to bad comments from disgruntled customers or other agencies. It’s quite easy to slate the competition online, and without proof that the parent has anything to do with the baby modelling agency, you can’t guarantee that it’s even a real review.

How long has the agency been around?

It’s quite easy to set up a website and pose as any sort of business you like these days. It’s cheap and easy and you can even make your new company look like it’s been around for years. A few fake testimonials, a glitzy site, and a professional logo really is all it seems to take.

It’s very easy to check though. Websites such as Company Check allow you to see some of the details about a business from Company’s House – including when a director was first appointed. Agencies which have existed less than around ten years haven’t really had a chance to prove themselves, and ones which have existed less than a year should definitely be avoided. Companies such as Model’s Direct have been around for nearly 20 years – a sure sign that they’re doing something right.

For more advice or details about a particular baby modelling agency, it’s often best to speak to them directly. Most won’t ask you to sign an exclusivity deal, so feel free to sign up to multiple agencies.