Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Parent Of A Child Model?

We all expect to have to help our children through some difficult job rejections at some point in their lives, but usually we don’t expect to happen until they’ve finished school or university, and maybe even properly flown the nest. For some mums though, you might be helping your little one through their very first rejection when they’re barely five years old. Tough old world isn’t it!

So who are these children who are starting their careers about fifteen years before you even considered it? Why, they’re the ever so talent young folk who work at child modelling agencies of course.

When your child wants to give modelling a shot, you might think about all the things which might affect your child (will it be too much for them? Will they enjoy it?), you’ll need to think about whether you have what it takes – after all, you’re going to be at least as involved as your child is.

First things first – finding the right child modelling agency

Finding the right child modelling agencies can be a right faff. There are lots and lots, and not all of them will be right for you or your child. Make sure you do your research. There are plenty of reputable agencies out there if you look hard enough, but if you rush into something, or sign up with a scout in the street without checking out the website and looking for reviews, you might end up falling victim to a scam.

The key is to tread carefully, and make sure you speak to the agency before signing anything. If there’s anything at all that you’re not sure about or convinced by then walk away – it’s not like there aren’t other options.

How will you get to auditions?

Modelling jobs aren’t like other jobs. There isn’t a 9-5 office and a desk which you go to. They can be all over the place. While more often than not you’ll find child modelling agencies based in cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham or Norwich, the work itself can take you everywhere. It can be really exciting and it means that you’ll get to see parts of the UK which you might never have seen otherwise, but it can also make the commute a little tricky.

Timings might also not be terribly convenient, with early starts being common in the industry.

While public transport might be okay when you just have to get yourself to modelling jobs, with a little one in tow it can be more effort than it’s worth. Whether you have to get lots of trains or tubes across our fair capital, it can be pretty tricky to get round with a child. You’ll either need to be prepared for public transport commuting, or have your own car if you’re going to be the successful parent of a child model.

Support, don’t pressure

We’ve already mentioned that not all child models will find success straight away, and it’s important to remember that it’s a career path quite unlike any other. There’s no simple linear progression, and with every casting call you’ve no more or less chance of success – although experience might help you with confidence.

It’s important that you don’t pressure your children in the modelling world, and support and encourage instead.

Getting the balance right

When you’re ten years old you have a surprising amount on your plate. There’s school, homework, and probably a fair bit of tree climbing as well. Modelling should fit into this lifestyle, and you need to make sure that your little one isn’t missing out on important things at school, or valuable parts of their childhood. Every single audition should be a discussion between you both, beginning with “do you want to go?” including “can we get there?” and ending with “is there anything else you should be doing that day?”

If you think you can hack it, speak to a reputable child modelling agency such as Models Direct who will be able to provide you with a bit more information and help you get started.