6 Reasons You Won’t Be The Next Kate Moss

On a more or less daily basis, someone seems to be awarded the accolade of ‘The Next Kate Moss’, but it’s never us..

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Kate Moss is one of the most successful UK models with a career spanning decades.

No one is ever going to tell you modelling is easy, and if they do, don’t believe them. Modelling is a career like any other, and can be really hard work.

The first step into modelling can be incredibly difficult. Some people will get scouted, and can have a career fall in their lap. You hear stories about a designer’s latest prodigy who was working as a waitress and is now earning multimillions and all she had to do was serve a cocktail to the right chap. There are plenty of those stories about, but that isn’t how most models start.

If no one has noticed how incredibly talented you are, it’s their loss. And to get noticed you’re going to have to put in some leg work. Modelling is hard, so unless you’re willing to do all these things, it’s unlikely to ever be more than a hobby.

Cara Delevingne is one of the many young models who has been called ‘The Next Kate Moss’.
  1. To be successful you will need to be pretty organised. For any jobs, try and arrive 15 minutes early, and at the very least on time. There are plenty of other models out there so if you can’t be bothered to arrive on time, you’ll get replaced. Make sure you leave a lot of time to account for any public transport issues or traffic jams. If you arrive early you can always visit a local coffee shop, or spend some time composing yourself – there is nothing worse than rushing in late and flustered.

Speak to your talent management agency, or the client if you’re arranged the work yourself, and get detailed instructions of location and whether there’s parking available.

  1. Don’t expect everything to be glamorous. For most jobs you’ll be expected to turn up without makeup and looking fresh. The idea of going out without your full face applied might be hugely daunting, but your skin and your client will thank you. To get your skin to the best standard possible, try and have makeup-less days if you can.

Be prepared to go to work without makeup and be entirely restyled.

If you’re working another job this might be a bit tricky, but do you really need to wear foundation to go to the supermarket? No. We didn’t think so.

Prepare your skin by applying a rich moisturiser – one which you’ve used before to avoid any allergy or breakout mishaps.

  1. Gone are the days of being just a pretty face. In fact, they probably never really existed. As with any other job you’ll be expected to conduct yourself professionally and be polite, but you’ll also have to have a lot of energy – even if you woke up at 4am and travelled for three hours in horrific traffic to be there. It’s one of those things where you might not be remembered if you’re quiet and get on with your job, but if you kick up fuss, act like a diva or don’t cooperate, then you won’t be forgotten – and you won’t be asked back.

  1. Be aware that getting up at 4am and travelling for hours may well happen. You will have choice whether you pick up jobs which are far away, or unsuitable for any reason at all.

If you’re serious about making a career out of modelling, you might want to take any work you can. It’s a lot easier if you live near London, as this is the UK’s modelling epicentre, but some work will take you to other cities, and into the countryside. If you can drive this will be easier, although public transport can be pretty wonderful too (and then you can relax more).

  1. You might think you’ll make an exceptional commercial model, but if your agency tells you that your hands are beautiful, and just what their client is looking for, you should listen. Talent management agencies are there to help you, and they’ve got a lot of experience. Picking your own niche can be a struggle, so take on board any advice.

  1. There’s like to be a struggle to pick up jobs in the early days, you might not be paid very much and your talent management agency will take a percentage of your earnings to cover their costs. If you do more work, and gain more experience your work load will increase and you’ll begin being paid more – hopefully. Don’t make a fuss in the early days and work hard to see the benefits later on.

Kate Moss has worked incredibly hard to be where she is today.

Modelling isn’t easy, but it can definitely be worthwhile. If you put enough into your career then you’re much more likely to succeed. If you make a good impression with a brand, you might get a longer term contract as an in-house model. Talk to a talent management agency to find out more about the process and for more pointers.