The UK’s Oldest Glamour Model Can Still Attract Men In Their 20s

The UK's Oldest Glamour Model From Cornwall Suzy Monty
The UK’s Oldest Glamour Model From Cornwall Suzy Monty

At 62-years-old Suzy Monty is the UK’s oldest glamour model and we can certainly see why with her slim size 10 figure and long waist-length dark hair.

Suzy admits that she gets a lot of attention from younger men: “Girls ask me for pictures for their granddads and I get 20-something men calling me gorgeous… they like that I’m an old lady with a younger body.” The 5’7” model told last week’s Closer magazine.

Her 66-year-old husband John, who she has been married to for over 40 years, seems to take this all in his stride: “He enjoys having a younger looking lady on his arm,” she explains, “I’m hoping I’ll still be modelling for years to come.”

The Cornwall model first appeared on a catwalk aged 10 and continued modelling throughout her 20s and 30s; however she had to stop modelling completely in her 40s due to a debilitating spell of glandular fever.

After a twenty year break Monty decided to give modelling another go after seeing a photo of actress Helen Mirren, aged 62, looking brilliant in a bikini.

“I missed modelling but didn’t consider going back to it until I saw Helen on the beach… I thought I’m 57 and my body is as good as hers,” she explained.

Suzy In A Bikini Shot Aged 20
Suzy In A Bikini Shot Aged 20
Suzy In A Bikini Shot Aged 62
Suzy In A Bikini Shot Aged 62

Unfortunately it didn’t go quite as planned to start with as she was turned down by an agency for not looking grandmotherly.

“About six years ago one model agency I approached said that I didn’t have the “granny” look for my age,” Suzy told MailOnline.

“They missed the whole point – a woman looking young for her age. Thankfully, I have since been taken on by another model agency which does realise my potential as a younger-looking model.”

“I am doing a lot of fashion shoots at the moment and the odd light glamour one.”

This appears to be a reoccurring problem for mature models these days as just last week we reported on our 49-year-old model Carolyn Brennan who also complained that she struggled to find any work as she looked too young.

So what are Suzy’s secrets to staying so trim and youthful looking? She avoids makeup, eats well, avoids sunbathing, gets regular facials and keeps fit by taking her dog for long walks on the beach.

But she says the best anti-ageing trick is to smile: “Radiate joy and people will smile back, making one’s day a happier experience.

“I honestly think people these days don’t smile enough, I smile at everyone, even animals.”

We think it’s great that Suzy is still modelling at 62 and promoting such a healthy lifestyle – we think she will be modelling for years to come!