Miracle Baby Model Amelia Joins Talent Management

Talent Management Baby Model Amelia
Talent Management Baby Model Amelia
Talent Management Baby Model Amelia
Talent Management Baby Model Amelia

Talent Mangement are delighted to welcome our new 9 week old baby model Amelia Poppy Hattie Cherrington. Amelia, however, is no ordinary baby…

Alexeanne Cherrington, of Penybanc, Carmarthenshire gave birth to Amelia on 25th June 2013 despite her ten year battle with tumours and being told she would never be able to have children due to her extensive radiotherapy treatment.

Alexeanne and husband Dean were therefore ecstatic when the IVF treatment was successful and they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weighing 7lb 11oz.

When Alexeanne was just 23-years-old she was diagnosed with a deadly brain tumour on her pituitary gland and was told she only had months to live if she did not have major surgery. Unfortunately surgeons were unable to remove all of the tumour as it was too deep.

Mrs Cherrington then suffered suffered a stroke, which left her with memory loss, epilepsy and unable to speak or move the right side of her body. She also had to cope with losing both her parents, and the deadly disease reappearing four years later. This time it was too dangerous to operate on so Alexeanne had to undergo extensive radiotherapy treatment to keep the tumour at bay. Alexeanne said: ““The surgeon said I was lucky to be alive, let alone start a family.

“It’s been a very stressful ten years to say the least. I don’t think I could have done it without Dean.

“I’m not one to dwell on things – you have to get on with life.”

Get on with life she did as their first IVF treatment was successful and last September they found out she was pregnant.

“We were ecstatic to discover the IVF had worked,” said Alexeanne.

“I have still got the brain tumour although my doctor has said it looks like it has shrivelled up and died,” she said.

“But I still have the thought in my head that it’s going to come back.

“But I have a beautiful child and husband so I just think live your life. I want to go forth and multiply.

“Amelia is our little miracle.”

The team here at Talent Management were so touched by this story that we wanted to share it with all our models and readers. What a truly inspirational story and we are honoured to have Amelia on our books.