Models Direct Reviews Naked Lawson Pic

Writer’s at Models Direct reviews wanted to find out more about Lawson’s recent naked appearance for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Here’s what we discovered…

Models Direct reviews naked Lawson pic
Models Direct reviews naked Lawson pic

When asked to describe in five words what they looked like naked by a reporter at the Summertime Ball last year, boy band Lawson responded: “Short, disappointing, skinny, pale and embarrassing”. Writer’s at Models Direct reviews would have to disagree having seen their recent naked appearance for Cosmopolitan Magazine (see video below).

The shoot was all in aid of raising awareness about male cancer on behalf of Cancer Research UK, as frontman Andy explained: “It’s so important to be aware of your body and any changes. When I was 19 I had a brain tumour removed. It wasn’t cancerous but I lost the hearing in my right ear because of it. We named the band after Dr Lawson, the guy who operated on me. He’s a legend. If you catch things like this early, it can save your life. It changed my whole perspective on everything.”

Andy, Ryan, Adam and Joel will feature in the August edition of Cosmo – buck naked and covering very little with their three guitars and one drum. When asked about the shoot in the video below, Adam assures viewers: “We’re just your everyday guy, naked, right? We’re not your ripped American rock, popstar, just your everyday guy. If he had to take his clothes off in the street he’d look the same as us…[laughs] Devastated”.

Everyday isn’t how most of our office staff would describe them. But let’s be honest, stripping off isn’t something that these guys have a problem with. The four of them are pretty notorious for running around in the buff at any given opportunity.

“I think the lads have probably seen my penis more than they’ve seen their own,” Andy recently told Cosmo reporters, before Joel interjected: “You know what it’s like. You’re living on a tour bus for months, so if you’ve not seen what everyone’s working with…”

Erm, no Joel, we don’t know what it’s like but we’re certainly not complaining – and with modesty like theirs how can you help warming to these guys?

For a behind scenes look at the shoot check out this video:

Make great male models don’t they? Oh, and apparently they sing or something…