Talent Management Reviews Modelling Scam

Talent Management reviews modelling scam that should encourage models to put safety first!

Missing model Raven Furlong
Missing model Raven Furlong

Talent Management reviews modelling scam that should encourage models to put safety first…

Talent Management has been shocked this week by reports of a terrifying modelling scam targeting young female models, which was revealed yesterday by Nine News.

According to Nine News reporters, the disappearances of up to 14 women have been linked to a website called Model Mayhem. The site is promoted as a ‘networking’ resource for models and allows models to communicate directly with potential modelling clients and photographers.

Sadly this approach appears to have left some women at risk from at least one modelling scam, set up by people who are misusing the site. Co-founder of The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation – Michelle Bart – was quoted as saying that the site has been linked to “up to 13 or 14 cases” of missing women. She told New York Daily News:

“We’re not saying that Model Mayhem is to blame. But it’s a common denominator. They were posing in activity online on a website that most people don’t frequent.”

A representative of the website has responded that: “Model Mayhem tries to educate users about scams and how to avoid them. The site offers detailed safety advice to help members understand what to look for when they are contacted by others.”

Unfortunately many models using sites like these will probably not follow the advice on offer and the ambition to become a model has already put some young women in serious danger. Acting as your own agent can be extremely ill-advised, particularly for younger and less experienced models who are exactly the type most likely to be targeted by these worrying scams.

Kara Nichols disappeared in October after telling friends that she had gained modelling work. She had a profile on the Model Mayhem site and police have expressed concerns that she may have been caught up in a modelling scam. Raven Furlong has been missing since February – her Aunt reported the discovery of disturbing messages on her Model Mayhem profile shortly after her disappearance.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old model Jillian Mourning has reported an assault after meeting with a contact from the website when she was just 19.

Talent Management urges potential models to find a reputable agency to represent them and ensure their safety on modelling assignments. It is best to completely avoid setting up meetings or shoots directly with photographers. If for any reason you decide not to take this advice you should always take a chaperone with you to any modelling assignment where there could be even the slightest doubt about the legitimacy of the job.