4 Talent Management Dog Models Booked For Charity Photoshoot!

One of Manchester’s leading digital marketing & technology agencies has just booked 4 of our dog models for a well known children’s charity photoshoot!

Talent Management's French Bulldog model Alfie
Talent Management’s Jack Russell Terrier dog model Chili
Talent Management's Labrador dog model Holly
Talent Management’s Labrador dog model Holly
Talent Management's Victorian Bulldog model Frank
Talent Management’s Victorian Bulldog model Frank
Talent Management's French Bulldog Model Alfie
Talent Management’s French Bulldog model Alfie

A few months ago, we shared pictures from some of our cutest dog models currently on the books here at the agency. This wasn’t just because we all love looking at cute animals – which we do by the way – but because we also wanted to promote the fact that Talent Management represents various dog breeds, all eager to get in front of the camera!

Well, the blog post seems to have worked as one of Manchester’s leading digital marketing & technology agencies has just booked 4 of our dog models for a well known children’s charity photoshoot!

Having requested 3-4 short-haired dog models of different breeds and sizes, who are all able to stand still on demand, the marketing agency’s Account Director selected our Labrador Holly, French Bulldog Alfie, Jack Russell Terrier Chili and Victorian Bulldog Frank…all equally cute in their own right!

Black Lab Holly, owned by Alison from Kent, was selected for her gorgeous shiny coat and good behaviour around other dogs. “I am a black lab who was rescued at 8 months, I am now 2 years old, have passed my gold obedience award, and have just started agility classes.  I do everything you tell me to do, and I love posing for photographs,” Holly told us!

3-year-old Alfie from Cambridgeshire, owned by Jay, was booked for his playful nature and cheeky face. He has his basic handling certificate, including sit, wait, stand on hind legs, leave and retrieve, and has won 1st, 3rd and 4th in several rounds at his local dog show. Jay describes Alfie as “incredibly handsome seal brindle and white French Bulldog, very photogenic and great in front the camera”.

Super-cute Chili, a white and brown female Jack Russell Terrier, is owned by Neda, who says she “does sit, down, run on command, fetches, kisses and is learning hug”. Judging by her adorable e-portfolio pictures, we don’t need to explain why Chili was booked!

Frank the chocolate Victorian Bulldog was the forth and final dog booked. Owned by Chrissi from Essex, he is a very well trained, broad boy who we think was picked for that gorgeous wrinkly face! “Frank is a handsome Victorian Bulldog.  He already knows many tricks as well as obedience and is always eager to learn more. He also has a very expressive face,” Chrissi told us.

The shoot, taking place later this month in central London, will see our 4 striking pups model jumpers in aid of the charity’s Christmas campaign.

Dogs in jumpers…we literally can’t wait to see the end shots!