Hypnotherapists Book Model With Talent Management

When the Adam Eason School of Therapeutic Hypnosis came to model booking agents at Talent Management last month we were able to offer exactly what they were looking for.

Talent Managment model Sarah
Talent Management model Sarah

When the a School of Therapeutic Hypnosis came to model booking agents at Talent Management last month, our quick and friendly team were able to offer exactly what they were looking for.

On the hunt for a feminine model, that’s not too professional looking, the school were swiftly sent over a selection of suitable models to feature in their training videos. Of the selection, 26 year old Sarah from Southampton was the lucky chosen model from our books.

On the day off the shoot, which took place in Poole, our client  requested that Sarah arrive on set in a skirt and top or dress, and that she keep her make-up natural. Sarah then had to pose as she was placed in state of mild hypnosis in order to demonstrate the school’s teaching techniques and the results of placing clients under basic forms of hypnosis.

After filming, Sarah got in touch with Talent Management and told us all about her experience: “I really enjoyed the time that I spent at the studio. The modelling assignment with Talent Management involved posing as a client for an educational video for Adam Eason’s School of Therapeutic Hypnosis. I was a little apprehensive before the assignment as hypnosis is not something I have ever considered. The assignment involved making 4 short video clips demonstrating the basic techniques of hypnosis that therapists use, such as holding a pen and not being able to drop it, and locking your arm and not being able to bend it.

“It was a really enjoyable experience. Adam and his photographer were a pleasure to work with and made me feel very at ease. I spent some time with Adam before we started shooting, and he talked me through the processes, so that I felt as comfortable as possible. It was a very educational assignment and I was fascinated by what can be achieved when you engage your mind.

“I am very pleased with how the assignment went and I look forward to more opportunities such as this. Talent Management are a great agency to work with and I have recommended them to others who are interested in working in the industry.”

The team at Talent Management is happy that our model had such a great experience – and at the same time earned herself an impressive modelling fee of £300 for her efforts! Well done Sarah, we can’t wait to see the videos!

If you too have specific model requirements like the School of Therapeutic Hypnosis, you can be confident that Talent Management’s model booking team will work hard to find you the perfect model. Simply head over to Talent Management’s ‘book a model’ website page or call 0844 334 0000 telling us your requirements and assignment details.