Why Book A Model To Promote Your Business?

This year Models Direct has seen encouraging evidence supporting the use of models and other talent to improve brand awareness. So how could it help your business to book a model?

Book a model with Models Direct
Book a model with Models Direct

This year Models Direct has seen an abundance of encouraging evidence supporting the use of models and other talent to improve brand awareness. So how could it help your business to book a model for promotional or advertising purposes?

Marketing techniques such as attaching a face or look to your brand through advertising – or simply increasing awareness with promotional models at events or as street teams – are just two tried and tested methods of improving visibility and sales for your business. If you are a business owner you will know how important it is to maximise visibility – and for startup businesses it may be especially relevant. You may have the best product on the planet but if nobody knows that you will struggle to make any sales. Consumers respond to advertising and promotion that incorporates models, actors and other talents that they relate to or connect with in some way. This has been illustrated time and time again in successful marketing campaigns.

You only need think of the Dove ‘real women’ models, or previously unknown 7 year old child actor Lewis McGowan’s rise to fame in the recent John Lewis Christmas advertisement – that has since been hailed as the best Christmas ad ever – to see the impact that the right model or actor can make. It could even be something as simple as the famous Dulux dog that makes your brand stand out against the rest. Whatever the brief Models Direct is a company that is easily able to come up with the right model or talent for your business, from child models to animal models.

Back in October we reported on the incredible success that supermarket chain Morrisons had found as a result of using child models and actors in one of their campaigns. The company found that consumers reacted more positively to these unknown children’s faces than to expensive to book, well-known actors such as Denise Van Outen and Richard Hammond who had previously appeared on their behalf. Advertising research company Nielsen IAG revealed:

“Morrisons experiences an even greater uplift when featuring children [in advertisements]. Recall of Morrisons ads with children in 2010 was 80% higher than those without children; recall of Morrisons as the advertiser was 128% higher; recall of the ad message was 176% higher; and likeability 181% higher.”

For more on this story please read our article – ‘Child Models Improve The Effectiveness Of Advertising Campaigns’ .

If television advertising is a little out of your league you may wish to consider the promotional models route. Promotional models can provide an inexpensive and effective boost to brands of all kinds – whether handing out flyers or talking to consumers about your brand. Choosing the right models to appeal to your target audience is also easy with Models Direct’s diverse selection.

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