John Lewis Ad Featuring Child Actor Is Hailed ‘Best Christmas Ad Ever’!

Last month we reported on new research from Nielsen IAG which shows advertising campaigns featuring child models and actors to be extraordinarily effective – far more so in fact than those that do not. Since publishing our article we have noticed brand after brand making the most of this situation, with more child model and actor driven advertisements popping up recently that we can ever remember!

The latest heartwarming advertisement of this kind comes from upmarket department store John Lewis, and it seems to have buried itself in the psyche of consumers the length and breadth of the country. Viewers everywhere have been touched by the narrative of the new ad, which tells the story of a young boy impatiently counting the days up to Christmas. As the advertisement concludes we find that the uncommonly altruistic reason for his impatience is that he simply cannot wait to give his mum and dad their present. The last scene shows him finally standing at the doorway of his parents bedroom with a gift, presumably purchased from John Lewis, which is almost as big as he is. The tag line then appears: ‘For gifts you can’t wait to give’.

The John Lewis ad has proven such a tear jerker that by this stage no-one is left wondering, or even caring, how the adorable main character – played by 7 year old Lewis McGowan – could have possibly managed to afford or coordinate such a gift. Viewers are too busy wiping the tears from their eyes to consider such things. If you have found yourself welling up while watching the John Lewis ad you are certainly in good company – celebrities such as Cat Deeley and Philip Schofield have tweeted admissions of a similar reaction.

Models Direct is a modelling and talent agency that often works with child models and actors and we know how successful advertisements featuring children can be. However, even we have had to admit that the John Lewis ad appears to have triggered an an unprecedented reaction from the public – receiving 420,000 views on YouTube within hours of screening. What a fantastic start to child actor Lewis McGowan’s on screen career, we certainly wish him all the best.

Reports that the brand invested approximately £6m in production on this 90 second story may be surprising but, if true, it seems to have been money well spent since the advertisement is now being hailed by some as THE best Christmas ad ever!

Did the new John Lewis Christmas ad bring a tear to your eye or leave you cold? We would love to hear your comments.