Encyclopaedia Of Model Names & Origins Released By Modellounge & GQ

Last week, we at Models Direct were debating whether Fashion Week’s choice of models would be diverse enough to direct further change in the modelling industry.

Well, we’re happy to report that Fashion Week in New York this year saw models from Brazil, Australia, Romania and just about every other origin imaginable come together for the event.

Somali-American fashion model Iman even told Modelinia: “Fashion Week in New York [is like] the United Nations Summit because girls descend on New York from all different corners of the world.”

Modellounge NY was so inspired by the interesting diversity of faces from around the world that they teamed up with GQ Magazine to create a video encyclopaedia of the faces, names and origins of NYFW’s catwalk models of September 2011.

Not only does this video show off a whole range of racially and ethnically diverse models, but it also serves as a quick and resourceful Model Directory! What could be better?