The Power of Baby Models – Evian, Live Young

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There are plenty of viewers who go gaga for cute baby models on television adverts; shots of them sleeping soundly are enough to melt anybody’s heart. But what happens if you take a group of infants in nappies and have them perform stunts on roller skates?

45.5 million Youtube viewings and a huge kick in brand awareness.

The Evian 60-second film was shot at London’s Pinewood Studios as part of their mineral water brand Evian’s ‘Live Young’ international campaign. The hilarious advert sees a troupe of 96 super-cool babies grooving along to a remix of Sugarhill Gang’s rapper’s delight and it has now been watched more than 45 million times.

These gorgeous model babies were all originally screened 11 years ago performing an underwater ballet, another hugely popular Evian advert. Evian explained that in recent years its advertising had been mainly fact-based but nowadays consumers expect far more from large brands. They are looking for emotion, dreams and most of all, entertainment.

It appears the roller-skating babies definitely ticked all of these boxes, earning Youtube comments such as: ‘It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.’ Of course, the intention is to show the sensational effect that drinking Evian water can have on our bodies – it can even make babies roller-skate!

Visual effects for the advert were created at The Moving Picture Company in London who created CG baby bodies and carried out the required live action head replacement – heads of the selected baby models chosen for the campaign. Ludo Fealy of the Motion Picture Company used green screens to capture some footage of the gorgeous youngsters during an audition.

The incredible success of this ad shows the huge impact that baby modelling can have – and remember, this is not a product made specifically for babies either. Audiences promptly fell in love with these agile little babies and it wasn’t long before the Guinness Book of Records recognised this in 2009. Evian had created the most viewed online advertisement of all time.

No doubt, the parents of these cute baby models will be embarrassing them with their incredibly nimble skating skills as a toddler for many years to come!

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