Dirty Sexy Things – Episode 7 Review

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Dirty Sexy Things models
Dirty Sexy Things models

Nakedness very much appeared to be the theme of this episode. In aid of Charlotte’s birthday, BB arranges a special surprise for her which largely involves a sultry afternoon of burlesque dancing for BB, Rob, Jesse and Jessye B. Jesse certainly doesn’t waste any time whipping his clothes off, a state in which he remains for much of this episode. Unfortunately his attempts at burlesque dancing don’t go down too well when Charlotte deems him a ‘chicken in a battery cage’!

Not surprisingly when it comes to these feisty models, the mood stiffens during dinner when Jay demands some specific home truths regarding the nature of Charlotte and BB’s relationship.

Having been turned down for the T4 presenter role, Jesse spends some time with his agent in order to obtain some feedback. We soon discover that Jesse’s other passion is music and he is also the lead singer of a band. It seems there is simply no end to this boy’s talents! This week marks the band’s first big gig and he invites the other models. The models are nervous whilst waiting for him to appear on stage where they will discover if he can actually sing at all.

Bringing the focus back around to modelling, Perou’s big idea for this week’s shoot is that it will take place in the nude, and that each model will portray an ethereal mermaid. Part of the preparation for this challenging shoot is for the models to pose at a life drawing class. Jesse, BB, Charlotte and Rob all take this in their stride, but Jay point blank refuses to take part.

The mermaid shoot is definitely one of the most difficult to watch; the models are tied to the bottom of a deep swimming pool with scuba divers alongside providing an air tank with which to breathe. Luckily Jay and Charlotte successfully achieve beautiful photographs, but Rob, BB and Jesse all struggle a little.

Of course, this is a significant test for the models. Who can cope under pressure (water)? Who can mask their inner fears and pose confidently, despite the conditions? Although frightening, photo shoots like this are often what models are looking for; to be pushed to their limits and forced out of their modelling comfort zones. The diversity of each of the models shows just how many different looks can work under water.

Next week is the show’s season finale when the final eight photographs, chosen by Perou, will be revealed. What will the models think of them and who will have made it into the final photographs?