River Talks Rejection, Social Networking, & The Best Parts Of Modelling

River Delfin Viiperi Covering Client Issue 2 AW/10
River Delfin Viiperi Covering Client Issue 2 AW/10

With teen model River Delfin Viiperi becoming more popular by the day here in the Talent Management offices, we thought it was about time we found out a little more about this blue-eyed beauty.

Unsurprisingly 19-year-old River recently revealed that balancing his personal life, which includes a girlfriend and close family, with what’s now a very hectic modelling career, is “VERY HARD”.

He told MaleModelsCrush: “How to balance my personal life and modelling? HARD, VERY HARD! I won’t say impossible but in the quiet moments of modelling you have to move quickly and do something like go see your friends, girlfriend, family and try to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities of work even though sometimes it happens.”

Continuing, he revealed that the best parts of modelling are travelling and meeting new people. However, the worst parts were the same: “You travel alone so sometimes you feel lonely or you meet people you wish you’d never met. Everything has good and bad things right?”

Like many of the models we read about, River is huge on the social networking scene, active on Twitter, Facebook and Vlog. But does he do it for fun or for self publicity? I started just for fun and then I realised it works to keep in touch with those people who support me and I also use them to keep me entertained while I’m travelling. Yes of course, it works for publicising yourself because I got some jobs from Vlog’ing. It’s interesting to know that people watch it and I’m happy they like it.”

The modelling industry can be tough and highly competitive. So just how does the teen model cope with rejection? “Rejection? Laugh at it because you can’t do anything…if they don’t like you, they don’t like you. Nothing is too serious so just keep working.”

We think River offers up some great advice for those pursuing modelling. Keeping a positive attitude, remaining level headed and getting involved on the net has undoubtedly helped River on his journey to the top.