Kate Middleton Is The New Michelle Obama, Says Michael Kors

As the royal wedding edges closer, a few in the Talent Management have been comparing Kate Middleton to Michelle Obama – and we’re not the only ones.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

As the royal wedding edges closer, a few of us in the Talent Management team have been comparing Kate Middleton’s style to Michelle Obama’s – and we’re not the only ones.

American designer Michael Kors – who has seen his clothes on everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Michelle Obama – told Vogue UK that he believes Prince William’s new fiancée shares Obama’s chic, effortless style.

“When Barack Obama first became well known and everyone started looking at Mrs Obama I thought to myself ‘This is a very different, modern-looking couple.’

“When I designed the outfit for the Michelle’s first official portrait no one thought she would wear matte jersey but she did. Past women in the same position had always worn a tailored suit.

“When I look at Kate I see a changing of the guard in what is considered elegant. She likes to look easy but chic. I would liken her to Obama and Carla Bruni in that way. All these women are in situations where they shaking off the formal suits of their predecessors,” he said.

Kors went on to describe how he would design the future Princess’ dress for the big day, should he be asked: “If I was asked I would take the dress out of the realm of a traditional princess bride. A fabulous matte jersey combined with beautiful embroidery would be nice. The best clothes are a frame for the woman wearing it. It would be cut very well in just the perfect fabric.”