Victoria Beckham Hasn’t Ruled Out A Fifth Baby

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Talent Management can’t help but admire Victoria Beckham’s attitude towards parenthood. In an interview with Alina Cho (CNN) on Thursday, the mum of three boys expressed her gratitude for the family that she already has, saying that she feels ‘blessed’ with her children; Cruz, 6, Romeo, 8, and Brooklyn, 11.

When probed about whether or not she already knew the sex of baby number four Victoria replied “I don’t,” but revealed, “I might find out when I get back to London”.

While admitting that a girl ‘would be great’ and joking that, ‘the clothes would be amazing,’ Victoria also made it clear that, girl or boy, she and David Beckham are just very happy to be expecting again. The 36 year old fashion designer also hinted that there could be the possibility of a fifth child some time in the future.

“If I don’t have a girl this time, then maybe I’ll be lucky enough and have a girl the next time,” she told CNN.

The former singer’s career as a fashion designer has been closely followed by Talent Management and we are delighted to hear that, in other news, she has recently been approached about her designs by Kate Middleton, fiancé to Prince William.

“She asked to try on some dresses… Should she pick one, that would be great,” she said.