Help With Stammering

Talent Management is happy to see the positive affect that recent film ‘The King’s Speech’ is having on attitudes towards stammering.

The King's Speech
The King's Speech Is Influencing Attitudes Towards Stammering

Stammering refers to a disorder of speech fluency which can lead to prolongation or repetition of certain sounds, causing communication problems for those who suffer with it. No one knows exactly what causes stammering but many people are affected by the condition which presents itself all over the world, in a great variety of people. It’s appearance will often occur early on, at between 2-5 years old, and in many people it becomes less of an issue as they grow older, often disappearing altogether of it’s own accord. For others speech therapy may be helpful but a proportion will take their stammer into adult life. If you have a child with a stammer ask for advice and help now as it is easier to resolve stammering in children than in adults.

Talent Management is happy to see the positive affect that recent film ‘The King’s Speech’ is having on attitudes towards this difficult disorder, after years of misunderstandings and insensitivity around those who live with it. (Models Direct report on ‘The King’s Speech’)

Following some research Talent Management has come up with the suggestions below that may be helpful for anyone who wishes to combat a stammer.

Speech therapy. If you have not had speech therapy for your stammer then please give it a try. Your doctor should be able to connect you with a speech and language therapist in your area who specialises in therapy designed for those who stammer. They will have all the latest information and should be able to provide the best help.

Self help groups. Check to see whether there is a self help group in your area. If not maybe you could consider starting one? Sharing your experiences with others who know first hand some of the challenges that it creates will be helpful. Even a regular social meet up could be very positive. Or, if you prefer, why not look online for groups and forums?

Other support. The British Stammering Association run a facebook page and various groups and workshops focusing on issues like public speaking and help for women who stammer. They also provide lots of information and support on their website –

Stay positive. As hard as this may be it is always important to try to stay positive. You are not alone. You may not manage to eradicate your stammer altogether but the chances are that you can make improvements and overcome some of the issues associated with stammering. Positivity is a helpful attitude when approaching any difficulty.