Tips On Breaking Into The Entertainment Industry

Many people, of all ages, sizes and races are hoping to break into the world of entertainment, so how can you rise above the competition?

If you are a budding actor, singer, model, dancer, musician or entertainer then you probably realise that you are not alone! Many people, of all ages, sizes and races are hoping to break into the world of entertainment, so how can you rise above the competition?

There are some basic steps that you can take as a talented individual hoping to further your career in entertainment and with almost 20 years in the industry behind us Talent Management thought it was time to pass some on:

Nurture your talent. Wanting to gain recognition in your chosen field isn’t enough, you have to really work on your talent. There is no fast track to fame for most of us so don’t pin your hopes on being ‘discovered’ or making it through an X-Factor audition. If you are serious about a career in entertainment you will need to practice and gain as much experience as possible. This means taking the opportunity to join with like-minded people; for instance in an amateur dramatics club or dancing class. Not only will you make friends with people who share your passion for entertainment but doing this should also provide networking opportunities, and help you to gauge your performance against others so that you may then focus on your strengths and weaknesses.

Test your performance. When you feel that you have reached a level where you would like to share your talent with others then you should find ways to perform in front of an audience. Putting on a show for members of your family or friends is a great start but don’t stop there. To get a really honest audience reaction you need to go further afield. This may involve taking auditions, approaching agencies for feed back, or simply taking the mic at your local karaoke. Talent Management advise that you listen to those who are prepared to give a reaction, and don’t be too disheartened by rejection. Keep trying! To find success in the entertainment industry you may need to become very thick skinned.

Don’t give up the day job! Until you find success in entertainment you will need to support yourself. It is likely that you will need to maintain a job and pursue your talent as a hobby for a long time before finding success, and this means hard work. Going to work will also help you to fund your interest and is something to fall back on should you find that entertainment is not for you after all. Savvy performers will try to find some part time work in and around the entertainment industry alongside their day job, offering their services for free if necessary, as a way to receive valuable mentoring in return.