Banish Your Bingo Wings

There are some simple steps that can be taken which will really improve the appearance of your upper arms and we have listed our top five…

One of the most frustrating problem areas for women who are trying to tone up is the upper arms and as we get older it becomes more difficult to keep ‘bingo wings’ at bay. Fat accumulates in this part of the body very easily on a woman and can cause real issues with self esteem when it becomes unsightly. If you are familiar with this issue Talent Management is here to help! There are some simple steps that can be taken which will really improve the appearance of your arms and we have listed our top five below.

Cardiovascular exercise. We know this isn’t the easiest or most popular solution but the truth is that if you have begun to notice excess fat around your upper arms then the best way to begin tackling it is with good old fashioned exercise! Cardiovascular exercise is the kind that burns fat from your entire body, and while you can build muscle and tone the arms specifically with certain types of toning exercise you will get the best results when this is combined with weight loss – this way the benefits of toning exercises will be far more apparent. Any activity that raises your heart rate and leaves you a little sweaty and out of breath is burning fat. The good news is that even a dash around the shops can achieve this result! Try to fit some cardiovascular exercise into each day, just 30 minutes will make a huge difference.

Toning exercise. Combining toning exercises with cardiovascular work outs will really pay off so get into the habit of including some in your plan to beat ‘bingo wings’. The most effective kind of toning exercises are resistance based (such as push ups or triceps dips) or involve weight training. Both of these types of exercise help by firming the muscles in the arm and giving more definition. Many women are afraid that this type of exercise will leave them with big muscles but muscle is actually very difficult to build, particularly for women, so you can tone with confidence! Keep your weights low and repetitions high for the best results, and always ask for advice from a fitness professional.

Diet. If you want to maximise the loss of excess fat you must be mindful of what you eat. A sensible diet will make any exercise far more effective and once you begin to see the benefits it will be worth while. Don’t starve yourself or waste time on faddy diets, just consider easy changes like switching from full fat milk to semi-skimmed and generally cutting down fatty foods and portion sizes.

Exfoliation. Body brushing or regular use of a good body scrub can give dramatic results to the ‘goose bumpy’ texture that often accompanies bingo wings. This is such a simple thing to do and it will give almost instant results, so start today. Every time you bathe or shower exfoliate your upper arms with circular motions to considerably enhance the appearance of your skin.

Spray tan. A tan does wonders for the body and you will be amazed at the transformation if you invest in a spray tan; it will give the illusion of weight-loss and even out skin tone for a really flattering effect. Talent Management recommends going to a professional for a spray tan but you can also achieve the look you desire by using a daily use tinting moisturiser and building up colour. Follow instructions carefully if you apply your own fake tan, to avoid streaks and orange hands, and do not be tempted to use a sunbed! During the colder months be sure to go for something subtle or you could end up looking more fake than fab.