Models Direct’s Top Tips For Great Skin

Models Direct has come up with just the skincare tips you need to help you look your best all the way through summer…

Come rain or shine, the next few months will offer lots of opportunities to get out and about to show off your summer skin. To help you look your best, Models Direct has come up with just the skincare tips you need to get you through everything from beach days to festivals with confidence. Read on for our models‘ favourite skincare tips.


Eat healthily, exercise regularly, sleep for 6-8 hrs every night, drink lots of water and don’t smoke! (Obvious maybe, but most of us are still not managing these basics).

Smooth skin (body)

– Weekly Epsom baths will soften and detox your skin.
– Run your razor under a piping hot tap between each use for a smoother shave.
– Body brush daily; use a dry body brush and always brush towards the heart.
– Massage your skin (particularly upper thighs) whenever you have time; it will tone your    skin and dramatically improve the appearance of cellulite. For best results we recommend Vichy Lipometric, or the more affordable but surprisingly effective ‘Goodbye Cellulite’ by Nivea.
– Moisturise; this is most effective when you have just had a bath or shower. Apply your moisturiser liberally. For best results finish with a layer of oil, preferably with a high vitamin E content, to lock in the moisture, then wrap up warm so it can really penetrate the skin.

Clear skin (face)

– Aim to sleep for a minimum of eight hours a day.
– Always remove make up before going to bed.
– Weekly Manuka honey masks will heal your skin.
– Keep your skin hydrated; this is so important, moisturise even if you have oily skin.
– Wash your skin twice a day, morning and night with warm water to open the pores. Rinse with cold water afterwards to close the clean pores.
– Keep your hands/hair off your face and always wash your hands before applying make-up.
– Don’t pick spots. If you feel you need extractions done, go to a professional therapist regularly. A monthly facial treatment is a great idea if you can afford it and it will cost you less than a round of drinks!
– Use skincare products that contain salicyclic acid (also known as beta hydroxy acid) unless you are pregnant or allergic to aspirin.
– Use skincare products that contain glycolic acid (also known as AHA or alpha hydroxy acid) – unless you are pregnant.

Discourage wrinkles

– Exfoliate at least once a week.
– Always use a day cream with a minimum SPF of 20 and wear sunglasses if the sky is clear. Yes, even if it’s cold!
– Reduce stress by making time for yourself. This will really make a difference to your appearance. Yoga is a fantastic way to stay looking as serene as possible.
Sleep on a silky pillow; your face will slide around on the fabric rather than creasing.
Better still, get into the habit of sleeping on your back.
– Find a good serum and moisturising cream that suit your skin and use them religiously. We recommend Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, Dr Lewinns ‘Line Smoothing’ range, Dermalogica ‘Age Smart’ products and Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream – but take time to find what suits your skin best, and don’t be afraid to ask for samples!
– Hydroxy acids are also effective against wrinkles.

Now you’re fully prepared! Use these model tips to ensure that you glow your way to autumn and beyond.