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Industry advice

  • Avoid the Scams

    There has been a sharp rise in scam modelling and talent agencies recently - find out how to spot and protect yourself from these scam agencies here.

  • Find Success

    Check out our successful modelling tips to improve your modelling skills no matter what your age.

  • Showcase sites vs Employment Agencies

    Employment Modelling agencies are very different to showcase agencies - find out how and why they are different here and what makes Talent Management different.

  • Press & Media

    The press are notorious for spinning stories to make something more appealing for their audience and stories in the modelling and talent industry are no different. Find out the truth here.

  • Blogs & Forums

    Be aware of complaints on blogs and forums on the Internet - they are not always what they seem.

  • Advice Sites

    New businesses are cropping up online claiming to offer 'industry advice'. These sites are not Employment Agencies like us. They are not Government-regulated.

  • Talent and Model Agency Fees

    There are many opinions floating around about what talent agency fees are for and whether or not they are legal to charge. Find out the facts here.