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Avoid the Scams

There has been a sharp rise in scam modelling agencies over the last few years and the general public are becoming much more aware of how to avoid the pitfalls.

Talent Management and Models Direct are pleased that people are doing their research and understand what to look for. Although public awareness is a huge positive for our industry, confusion still bubbles to the surface. There is a misunderstanding over the differences between legitimate agencies and scam agencies, which means that negativity can surround transparent, long established, reputable modelling agencies and talent agencies due to the public being caught up in the confusion.

We are very proud of our consistent professional approach. In this Industry Advice section we hope to provide all the advice and information you need to protect yourself from scam agencies. We also aim to help those who are considering a career in modelling to make an informed decision.

Concerns are also addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions section of our site.

For more information on how to spot and protect yourself from a scam agency read the Q&A information below:

Why are people who are interested in modelling vulnerable to scams?

The industry is largely unregulated and confusing, thereby leaving scam agencies available to take advantage of uninformed people interested in modelling and talent related work.

What are some of the claims that scam agencies make?

Many scam agents will claim that you have to pay for professional photographs to be taken of you, or attend one of their modelling courses in order to be listed by them. In reality the resulting photographs are often of poor quality and/or unnecessary and, of course, quickly out of date. Modelling courses do not guarantee anything and while you may learn a little about the industry, it’s important that you question how a modelling course could improve your chances of being selected if it is hosted by people who know nothing of the industry. What can a novice teach anyone?

Can I be guaranteed work?

Many scam agencies take great pleasure in deceiving people by saying that they can guarantee you work. The industry is very competitive and the final model choice for a booking always rests with the client. Be very suspicious of anyone guaranteeing anything to do with the modelling industry. In reality they lie so you part with small, or often huge, sums of money for nothing.

Here you can read what the models and talented people we represent say about us.
We have never guaranteed to find work for our models. However we have a continuous flow of businesses wanting to book models for work and they are put forward whenever their look is called for.

We also pay half of the travel costs from the UK to anyone who wants to come and meet us and the team at our headquarters in East Anglia.