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Advice sites

New businesses are cropping up online claiming to offer 'industry advice'. These sites are not Employment Agencies like us. They are not Government-regulated. They can say whatever they like and, incredibly, charge you for the privilege!

Let's look at some examples:

Model Advice, also known as La Mode London, was established just one year ago. You have to pay £60 to get their ‘advice’. They offer photographic services and courses. Their advice is targeted to get people to buy their products. They have received many online complaints.

Alba, which is run by an ex model, claimed they were approved by the BIS, but we see that this claim has now been removed from their site. They used to charge for advice using a premium rate phone line but this was illegal and they were forced to change. There was also a shop selling goods, which has now closed.

London School of modelling was only established 3 years ago. They offer ‘advice’ if you pay to attend one of their courses. They have received many online complaints.

Here are some of the services that our team of experienced professional coordinators provide for the models and talent we represent;

You are emailed you every time you are put forward for work and your 24hour online record is upgraded.

Model and talent jobs are added to our website daily, which you can apply for online.

You are given a free online personal account with your own log-in and password.

Models are allowed to update their photos, personal stats and experience whenever they want absolutely free. This is what we show clients.

You receive an 'agency work update' email every week, outlining what we have on the go as an agency.

Our website is updated daily with current requests and bookings from clients, as well as with news, views and comments.

An email including the latest edition of our modelling magazine IMAGE is sent to all our models and clients. This is the UK's only modelling magazine, published by us and established in 1990.

An experienced Model Coordinator is assigned to each and every new model applicant. This is a real human mentor, not a sterile anonymous website. You're given a name and phone number; real contact for real commitment, that's what we offer.

We publish BIS-regulated Terms and Conditions to protect our models and our clients.

We are regularly visited and inspected by the BIS and all our business procedures and activities are approved

We are a fully accredited employment agency. Many 'agents' and sites are just 'showcases' - they do not have any similar rules and legal obligations and many say and do whatever suits.

To serve you throughout your entire term of registration with us, however many years that may be for, you will be allocated your own personal Coordinator from the moment you first apply. This ensures you have continuity of personal service and all your records of care, emails and phone calls, are carefully recorded, so whenever you ask, we have your history to hand. Our business is staffed by real people who care and work on your behalf, you can talk to us, or visit us anytime!

Decide what you want.