Number one for Modelling Agencies

At Talent Management talent and modelling agency we welcome talent and models in all forms. We have talent registered all across the UK making us Number one for Modelling Agencies. We represent talented performers from singers, dancers and musicians to models, entertainers and look-a-likes. Whatever your talent create your free profile now, register your talent and let our modeling agency take you to new heights.

Baby modelling

Are you a parent and think your child has the potential to be the next star for baby modelling? If so join us on your smiley baby’s journey on becoming the new superstar of their generation! Your little ones are never too young, join us now!

Child modelling

Is your little one a stunner that struts around the room like they’re on a cat walk? Have you ever thought about child modelling? Why not get them to try something new, join us today in helping your little one on the road to success!

Teen modelling

Teens, have you ever walked past a shop window or billboard seen a model and then thought about apply to modelling agencies? Why not give it a go! There are never too many teen models, so take your chance for fame with Talent Management; this could be your future career or another way to earn a bit more pocket money.

Male modelling

Guys ever thought of trying something new? Maybe you never thought modelling was for you, but have you ever tried it? Give it a go and you never know what doors it might open for you. Join us today and you may find that actually... This is for you!

Female modelling

Ladies, are you the girl that loves being the centre of attention with all eyes on you? Well if that’s the case, have you ever considered joining a modeling agency? Maybe this could be your big break, give it a shot and maybe you’ll realise your potential as a face of fashion.

Pet modelling

Ever thought “wow my pets a star, they have potential!” Yes, we do pet modelling as well! Could your pet be the next big star? Well why not find out by joining us and giving them the opportunity to show off what they have got! Pets have dreams to; this could be one of theirs!


Talent Management represents actors from all fields of acting from presenting jobs such as broadcasters, comperes, voice overs and TV presenters to disc jockeys and street performers. Other acting jobs we promote are comedy, extras/walk on parts, films and period dramas. If theatre is your preferred medium we also represent theatrical actors and theatre tours.


Talent Management represents singers in all genres including backing singers and cabaret singers to the classical singing voices of the baritone, tenor, counter tenor, treble and soprano. We also promote tribute artists and entertainers and session singers. Whatever your singing style we welcome your talent.


Talent Management represents musicians from all fields of music in all genres including classical, pop, jazz, country, rock ‘n’ roll, folk, historical, modern. We also promote tribute bands and session musicians. Whatever your music style we welcome your talent.


At Talent Management, Talent Agency we welcome talent in all forms, our unique network of talent agents across the UK represents talented performers from singers, dancers and musicians to models, entertainers and look-a-likes. Whatever your talent apply now, register your talent and let Talent Management take you to new heights.


Talent Management represents dancers in every type of dance from contemporary, rock 'n' roll, classical ballet to line dancing and country dancing, whatever your dancing talent. Other types of dance include ballroom dancing, belly dancing, break dancers, Irish dancing plus flamenco, jive, mambo, rumba, quick step, salsa, tango and the waltz.