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Clients Comments & Experiences When Hiring Models, Actors, Singers, Dancers and Musicians from Talent Management Agency Group

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Clients comments describing their experience in hiring talent from Models Direct Agency Group. Also read what our clients said about us in an independent survey.

David. DB Photography

Model were good, arrived with a variety of specified clothing, would use again.
Very competitive quote.

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Chloe. DMI Productions

Very good relationship with co-ordinator and overall selection of models Models Direct were competitive, one of the lowest quptes we had. We would therefore look to use Models Direct again.

Andrea Benn. Aspers

Models were on time and on budget, your quote was very competitive.

Andrea Benn. Aspers

Very good selection of models. excellent relationship with coordinator.

Tristan Haddow. Crew 2000

Thw models were great,We will be back in touch for our next modelling job.


Tristan Haddow

Demelza Owen. Evolving Media Ltd

We have heard back from the brewery (client) today that they are reallt pleased with all photogrphy we have taken, including the choice of models.

we will require some models again, when we have been refurbished.

Many thanks

Demelza Owen

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Richard Ashley. Evolving Media Ltd

The shoots have gone very well and the models have all behaved well, I will be in contact should we require your assistance in the future, it has been the best range of models we have had the opportunity to use in relation to this project as our options are often very limited and this has contributed to the success of the shoots.

Many thanks

Richard Ashley 

Cecil Rowe. Take 3 Productiond

The models were a pleasure to work with. I would use you again.

Juliet Hardy. Freelance Artist.

The model was professional and responded excellently to all the tasks throughout the day. the service was excellent and would definitly use the service again. Many thanks. Juliet Hardy

Tap Creative, David Busbridge

Your friendly approach suited us better than a cost benefit. The model was punctual, very chattey and personable.

Wand Agency, Vidhu Kapur

All the models were great, prompt, prepared to take direction, no attitude and generally nice people.

Your rates were very competitive compared to the other agencies we used on this commercial.

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Platform PR, Linda Bruce

The cats were brilliant and the handler was very efficient. She had them very well trained. The assignment was a great success.

Neha Gadhvi, Gift Republic

Excellent price comparison to other agencies. We would use Models Direct again.

Redzi, 3 Monkeys

Models Direct did a good job at short notice. We would use them again for our next requirement.

Ralph read, Yarmouth Stores Ltd

Models arrived early, which was nice. she was attired as requested and looked as nice as her portfolio. she was very co-operative and helpful. On this occasion the service could not have been improved on.

Redzi, 3 Monkeys

Excellent relationship with co-ordinator, Response time, Information supplied, Overall selection of models and selection match.

The assignment went really well, hopefiully we'll get some great shots back. All models responded well to the photographer's advice and were very wiling to do what was asked of them. Very responsible, Thouight the service was great. We would useModelsDirect for our next requirement.

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Natalie Llewellyn, Calvin Klein

Excellent relationship with co-ordinator, Response time of co-ordinator and information supplied with a very good selection of models.

Tap Creative, David Busbridge

"The models you sent could not have been better. They were all very polite and enthusiastic. The photographer thought they were great and wanted to know where I had found them. I would most definitely use Models Direct again in the future. I could not have asked for more from the models. The day went perfectly."

Rally Day, Brian Stubbings

Relationship with booking co-ordinator, Response time, Information supplied and selection of models was excellent. We would use Models Direct again.

Marks & Spencers, Katrina

Just to say I was really impressed with model, she looked great and was very friendly and professional.

Thanks with all your help with this,


Bycity, Nadeem Ali

You have worked harder than any other agency.

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Mint Apparel Ltd, Monpreet Vohra

An absolute pleasure to work with Models Direct and the Model was very impressive too.

Tartan TV , Annie Malcolm

Very happy with model and would love to work with her again.


Northern Cafés Limited, Henry L.A. CAFÉ

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the work you put in over our VIP Party. It was an important evening for our business and your assistance in organising the appropriate girls for the evening was crucial to it’s success.

We were very pleased with the evening as a whole and enjoyed working with Models Direct; all four girls were very professional and conducted a flawless execution of their evening duties.

We look forward to building a strong business relationship with models Direct in the future.

Thank you again for your hard work.


Greenwood and Wood, Amanda Myers

After the photo shoot I felt compelled to write to you with feedback. Could I please start by saying that the four models we hired for the day were an absolute credit to your company. The level of commitment, professionalism and affability I had from them was incredible and it never ceased for the entire period of the shoot.

I would not hesitate in using any of the models in the future. I would also like to thank you for your help. Not only are the models a credit to you, but as are you Models Direct.