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Success stories: clients

These responses came in answer to an independent survey company. We have not been told which client said what but could direct anyone to the survey company if that information was required.

We will continue in our efforts working for our models, actors, singers, dancers, musicians and entertainers and clients - bringing them together.

The staff:

  • Very understanding excellent"
  • Excellent communication was very good"
  • Perfect"
  • Exceptional"
  • Very, very good"
  • She is great"
  • Very helpful efficient, flexible and professional"

Response time :

  • "Excellent"
  • Very good"
  • Super quick amazing"
  • Immediate"
  • Always tight on time but always deliver"

The rates charged :

  • Competitive"
  • Reasonable"
  • Very competitive"
  • Exceptionally good"
  • Matched the competition"
  • Transparency of fees is a positive

What they say you are good at :

  • Your co-ordinators and their relationships
  • You are trustworthy and reliable
  • The way you communicate
  • Efficiently delivering what you say you will

Additional comments

  • They were fantastic, brilliant job"
  • They did a great job surprised they are in Norwich!"
  • Cant criticise - great co-ordinator"
  • Called at the 11th hour - they were really helpful brilliant"
  • I will use Talent Management Agency Groupt in the future and drop my regular extras agency"
  • They responded very well with a solution within a couple of hours"
  • She was great efficient, on the ball and friendly little things make a big difference"
  • I am always tight on time, but they always deliver"