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Clients Comments & Experiences When Hiring Models, Actors, Singers, Dancers and Musicians from Talent Management Agency Group

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Clients comments describing their experience in hiring talent from Models Direct Agency Group. Also read what our clients said about us in an independent survey.

Katie Goodier (UCLAN)

My talent booker, Molly, was lovely, polite and kept me informed every step of the way. She did everything she could to make sure I could complete my assignment.

The assignment went very well, and because of this was completed quickly.

Keith, my model, was excellent throughout the whole assignment.

Yes i would recomend and use Talent Management again because I know that as a client I am taken care of through every step of the process.

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Philip Vile Photography

Molly was really helpful, efficient, dedicated to getting what we were after and always very responsive to my emails and calls.

All of your models were absolutely charming, wonderful looking and lovely to be with. But more than that, as soon as I gathered them into the first shot there was an un-stoppable chemistry between them that mean that I hardly needed to direct them at all. They posed, chatted and laughed with ease, invention and humour.
I took with me three of my own friends to supplement numbers and they all hit it off immediately.
Nobody was ever left out and the day had such a natural energy that far exceeded my expectations.

Will you please send my thanks to everyone, they were all exceptional people and such fun to spend the day with.
I wish them all the very best in everything they do.

Thanks to you also for organising such a great bunch.

Artful Dog Publishing

Molly was great. Proactive, polite and friendly on phone and by email, didn't hassle me, but called at regular intervals for updates or to give me information, sorted models quickly and efficiently, and explained the process clearly and what I needed to do. Very helpful, sorted everything quickly.

Assignment went fine on the day, photographer confirmed all went well and the photos are just what we were after.

Got everything we needed. Models dressed appropriately and acted well!

Very good and efficient, hassle-free service. Reasonable range of models in the age group I was seeking (70+). Would feel very reassured to book again. Also, very cost-effective. I sought quotes from six agencies and Talent Management was the most cost-effective (particularly for the full buy-out requirements, which is what most of my clients would need), so very glad to receive such good service also. Very satisfied, thank you.

Kit for Kids - Sharon Birkbeck

Molly was very efficient and a nice friendly person to work with. She was very helpful and when models couldn't make it at the last minute, she tried her very best to find replacements straight away. I was very happy to work with her and she made the bookings a nice and easy process.


We had a large photo shoot consisting of 6 days photographing toddlers. Each day went well and we have some fantastic images for our website and catalogues.


There were some models that took to it straight away, real naturals in front of the camera. Others needed longer to warm up as they were shy or didn't want to leave their parents sides. After playing and relaxing into the different environment, all the models did really well. Overall we were pleased with the model selection.

I would definitely use you again for further photo shoots as the service I have received was brilliant. A big thank you to Molly and other members of the team who have helped throughout the process.



Sue Bryant at Freddie Parker

Very friendly and efficient service from Talent Management. The shoot went well and very pleased with the photos. Tom was very professional and a great model to work with - would definitely use him again. Talent Management supplied an excellent model at short notice.

Georgina Watkins at Trust Mark

The models did very well. They were professional and nice people which meant the photoshoot went well. The models turned up on time and were very cooperative.

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Chris Gregory at Action Images

Anna was very helpful and efficient in finding models when our first choices weren't available. She made the whole process a lot easier. On the day there was quite a bit of hanging around but the models did a great job and all of them were used in the final selection chosen by the client. I would suggest TM to clients. We don't do a whole load of big set up studio shoots like this so hard for me to say. However, with the attention Anna put into the project customer service was of a high standard.

Elizabeth March

The model we used did very well and did a very good job. Talent Management were very good & provided a professional service.

Sam Naik at Sky Business

Yes, Molly (the model booker) was friendly and worked very well with us to find what we were looking for.

2 our of the 3 (the 2 males) were fantastic actors and really got into the spirit of things which was great for us. If there is a way of checking this before hand next time it would be useful.

Yes, great customer service from Molly. Always kept in touch with me via email and phone and went out of her way at short notice to find us the actors we needed.

Penny Winter at Kit for Kids

I dealt with Molly and she was a true delight, fanastic to work with even through all the bad weather conditions.

It went really well and we are very happy with the outcome. They we all great especially as dealing with babies is a tough job, but they made it all so easy and enjoyable.

Not at all, i would only like if we could book more models through yourselfs but there was a lack of Mother & Baby models.

I would use you again and will always be in touch in regards to any upcoming shoots that we may have, the pricing was very reasonable as well so overall i was very content with everything you offered.

David Burton at David Burton Photography

Very Good. Friendly and efficient service, excellent punctual models and reasonable value for money.

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Lucinda Percival at The National Sporting Club

The girls were fantastic, they were a little nervous to start but soon realised there was nothing to be nervous about.

All of the girls worked hard, were very polite and helpful at all times.

Yes, we have used you a few times now and the girls we select are always great to work with.

Bob Palmer at HYP Video

Our model booker was friendly, efficient and quick. The assignment went very well on the day; the model took directions well and performed enthusiastically. We would use Talent Management again; it was an efficient, value-for-money service.

Emma Munro at Snazaroo

Little Jack was an absolute star and was the best child we had all weekend. He was only 5 and he was an absolute natural. He was perfectly well behaved, very quiet and did exactly as he was told whilst being painted and waiting. When he went in front of the camera he turned into a different child and was amazing! I would thoroughly recommend this child gets used again. James was also very, very good and a lovely child to work with. A real natural behind the camera. I think we managed to get the shots we needed and most of the children worked well all weekend. Nice to work with you.

Charlotte Wood at Motability Operations

Our talent booker was very friendly and efficient. The assignment went great - the model was fully briefed and turned up on time. After a few shots Ella (Talent Management model) was much more confident and we got some great photos. We would definitely use you again. I felt confident that the model was booked and briefed. As long as you continue to have disabled models on your books, we'd love to organise future shoots with you.

Amanda Myers, Marketing Executive at Greenwood and Wood

After the photo shoot at Greenwood and Wood yesterday, I felt compelled to write to you with feedback. Could I please start by saying that the four models we hired for the day were an absolute credit to your company: Jon Robey, Helen Rodd, Victoria Towse, Iain Hornigold. The level of commitment, professionalism and affability I had from them was incredible and it never ceased for the entire period of the shoot. I would not hesitate in using any of the models in the future. I would also like to thank you for your help. Not only are the models a credit to you, but as are you to Models Direct.

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Lee Perry-Smith at Infinite Realities

The assignment went very well. Sam (Talent Management model) was super professional, arrived on time and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him to anyone and be happy to work with him again. Talent Management, specifically Anna, did a fantastic job in co-ordinating the assignment.

Infinite Realities

We liked our Model Booking Coordinator, she couldn't have been better. The assignment went P.E.R.F.E.C.T., nothing could have been improved on, and all went very smoothly. I would use Talent Management again.

Mark Langridge

Our Coordinator was very helpful and quick. The assignment went very well. The models we booked were prompt, enthusiastic and professional. I would use the agency again.

Deborah Murphy at Harley Clinic Ltd

I liked our Coordinator, she was very helpful and couldn't be quicker. The assignment went very well and I would use the agency again.

Antenna International

Titi (Talent Management model) was very professional. She knew how to pose quickly and listened well to feedback from the photographer. We got some great shots. Very friendly and easy to work with. We also liked the Model Coordinator, who was quick and very helpful.

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Karen Limpus

Just writing to say the photoshoot went very well last night. Alanna is an experienced model which helped us tremendously as we are still novices! She is very friendly and was really nice to work with. I have arranged to send her a CD with the photos. Thanks for arranging all this and I will be back in touch to book more models for another photoshoot in due course.

Infinite Realities

The assignment went extremely well and couldn't have been quicker. Katie, our Coordinator at Models Direct, was excellent to work with; very organized and professional. I highly recommend each and every model I worked with, it would be great to see them getting more work and exposure, as they deserve it. Very nice people.

Simply Experience

The Coordinator was very helpful, and the process couldn’t have been quicker. The assignment went very well; Regan and his mum were both great. I would use the agency again.

Durham University

The Coordinator couldn't have been better, the process was quick and the assignment went very well. The models were lovely ladies, both very professional. I would use the agency again.