Top Dos and Don’ts for You and Your Baby Model


There are a few best practices and bad behaviours that you and your mini-model should start to learn as you pursue the child and baby modeling world. Simply follow these dos and don’ts below to help your child succeed as a baby model.

DO behave well and be considerate. Remember that casting calls, auditions, and bookings can be very stressful on all the staff and everyone at work. If you need to make a phone call or your child needs to let loose some energy, be sure to step out. You don’t want to be recognised as a parent who is either insensitive or hard to deal with.

DO emphasise the importance of following the directions of the casting director/agent, photographer, or staff, especially if your kid is a bit older. The more your tot can easily follow directions, the more they will be able to achieve in their career.

DO be ready with your baby model’s stats, such as height, weight, measurements, and clothing and shoe size. Many castings and auditions will ask for this information.

DO bring your child’s minor work permit, favourite toy, diapers (for babies), non messy-to-eat snacks for you and your child, and a good supply of water.

DO arrive on time. It’s even better if you can arrive 15 minutes early to allot time for finding the correct room or studio in the building, as well as the restroom or diaper changing room. Additionally, there’s a good chance you’ll make a positive first impression if you’re early.

DO be supportive of your little model, whether he or she made it or not. Instead of being an angry stage mom or dad when your child is unsuccessful, become your child’s number one fan! This way, your child knows that he or she can always rise above rejections and keep going.

DON’T be pushy when you are attending casing calls or auditions, as you’ll never know who you’ll be interacting with and how they are involved in the decision-making process. Sometimes a casting director may ask the receptionist or other production staff about your attitude. Always make a great impression so that the staff will speak highly of you.

DON’T be late. Yes, it’s already mentioned above, but this point is so crucial that it needs to be re-iterated. Aside from demonstrating unprofessionalism and rudeness, tardiness can put you and your child at the end of the line, meaning you will have to wait for your turn.

DON’T take it personally when your child does not get chosen to move forward. Baby modeling can be such a subjective and finicky industry. This is because the client is usually searching for a very specific look, and not necessarily the cutest baby.

DON’T let your child run around and get all rowdy. Keep him or her calm and take him or her outside for a while is he or she needs to burn off some energy. Remember that there’s an entire set of people trying to do their jobs. Try your best to make it easy for the staff by keeping your child well behaved.

Baby modeling is an interesting and challenging industry. To make your child’s modeling journey hassle-free, ensure you observe these dos and don’ts.