Download Lowdown: 10 Fashion Apps for 2015

There are new fashion apps popping up every day that can help you become a model. They can help you to define your style, find that special dress you once saw briefly but never forgot and even alert you to fashion trends. But sometimes it’s hard to see the wood from the trees and the truly brilliant apps are few and far between.

To save you the hassle of trying them all for yourself, the experts at Talent Management have picked the top ten that are worth checking out.

PS Dept

PS Dept gives you access to your personal 24/7 fashion consultant. The app will help you to look for that special outfit or just locate that perfect classic trench coat you have been looking for since last summer. PS Dept partners with stylists from a range of designer brands such as Net-a-Porter, Stella McCartney and Chloe and the shoppers get access to free expert advice. You can also shop directly through the app.


Mallzee is the Tinder meets Pinterest of the shopping world. With over 40 brands, favourite pieces can be categorised under different themes such as smart work outfits, holiday wardrobe and special occasions. Mallzee can also send you notifications when prices of the items you have been drooling over are reduced.


Polyvore is used by fashion lovers the world over. Polyvore lets you easily create collages and mood boards by mixing and matching products from countless brands. This is an endless source of inspiration as you can also view collages created by others. The shopping section allows you to filter by style, brand, colour, size and many other details so you can make your collages come to life and be wearing the results in a matter of days.


When you want to make the most of the clothes you already have in your closet, Stylebook is for you. This app lets you upload pictures of your existing clothes and accessories, create outfit collages and play around with the things that you already own; without having to actually pull them out of the wardrobe every time. Stylebook also helps you to plan and use the contents of your wardrobe to best effect. You can create packing lists, plan your outfits for the week ahead and keep tabs on the outfits you’ve worn. This is particularly handy when you are attending 5 weddings during the summer with the same group of friends and want to avoid wearing identical outfits to each occasion.


This is the best fashion search engine around! When you are looking for something specific, say a white wrap around shirt, with ¾ sleeves, Shopstyle searches a huge database of online stores both high street and designer to help you find just what you are looking for. A life saver when you have a clear picture in your head as to what you want but absolutely zero idea where to find it from.


A must for all shoe lovers; Stylect is nicknamed the tinder for shoes as it will match you with your sole mate. There are over 50,000 shoe styles from sporty to glamorous, so whether it’s cool Nike trainers or breath-taking Manolos you need, Stylect will find them for you as you can filter the search based upon colour, price or style. And you can buy your dream shoes through the app too.

The Hunt

Did you spot a picture of the most gorgeous outfit ever, but there were no details available? Then the Hunt is here to help. This app allows users to post “hunts” for clothing and accessories and then community members can help each other find them. You can also follow what products are currently trending via this app.

Keep Shopping

The Keep Shopping app is the world’s first mobile universal shopping cart. You can buy any item from any online store with just one checkout. Simple!

FAD- The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

A must for any fashion geek who takes pride from knowing her Christian Louboutin from her Christian Dior. FAD is the ultimate fashion dictionary, containing designer bios, fashion terms including fabric and sewing phrases and fashion history. Packed with interesting facts this is particularly useful if you need to swat up before your first fashion week.


Pose will not only inspire you, but will also make sure your outfit is suitable for the current weather. Pose tells you the weather in your location and shows what other stylish people are wearing in similar weather conditions. You can also filter the search by the occasion for which you are dressing, so there is no need to turn up in that business meeting wearing a pair of Hunters and a Barbour jacket. Full of great styling ideas, Pose is a firm favourite of the fashion crowd.