Preparing For a Photoshoot? Here Are Our 5 Top Tips

Preparing For a Photoshoot at Talent Management

If you’ve been booked for your first photo shoot, you may be nervous and wondering how to prepare. Your first shoot can be a nerve-wracking experience and if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the modelling industry then you may feel under-prepared. Talent Management has prepared some handy hints and tips that will help you to prepare for a photo shoot.

1. Dress down

When arriving for a photo shoot, it is important to present yourself as a ‘clean slate’ for stylists. If you are going to be shooting wearing your own clothes, then they should be plain and logo free. Leave OTT and fashion-forward outfits at home and arrive in a properly fitting pair of jeans with a T-shirt or vest top. If you’re a woman you can wear high-heels, but steer clear of very high stilettos. A clean, basic look will enable the photographer to focus on your face and body, with no attention being drawn towards the clothes you’re wearing. If it is a test shoot for a fashion brand, then a clean slate allows them to imagine how you would look in their garments, and shows them that you can be versatile. And if you’re arriving at a fashion shoot with a stylist, then you will be getting changed anyway!

2. Steer clear of heavy makeup

As with clothing, the ‘clean slate’ principle should also be applied to your beauty look. If you are arriving at a shoot with hair and makeup artists, you should turn up with a clean face. If the makeup artist has to remove your foundation and mascara, then not only will it take up valuable time, but it could also leave you with freshly-scrubbed red skin—not a great look! The night before a shoot, apply a face mask and moisturise well so you can arrive with clear and natural-looking skin. Treat any spots and place ice cubes under your eyes to reduce any puffiness.

3. Get grooming

As for your hair, it should be clean and free of products. If there are hairstylists on a shoot, they may wish style your hair again and there may not be a place to wash it. So make sure you have clean, product-free hair, so that they can work with your natural tresses to create a fabulous ‘do’. As for the rest of your body, you should make sure you’re hair free and that your skin is clear. If the shoot calls for it, you may need to tan beforehand. Drink plenty of water, which will help alleviate bloating and make you look refreshed.

4. Practise

If it’s your first shoot, practise your poses before you arrive. Get a friend or family member to take pictures of you, and experiment with different positions and lighting. It can take a little while to get used to modelling poses, as you learn which angles best suit you. You can also practise your facial expressions, such as a natural-looking smile and a moody stare. Take note of how you hold your body and make sure you are not holding your arms awkwardly or slouching. Stand up straight, turn your body to the side, and tilt your chin down. In no time, you’ll be camera ready.

5. Relax!

Photo shoots can be scary for new models, and nerves can often get the better of them. Photographs are certain to pick up on any tension: If you are feeling scared, it may be showing on your face and in your body language. If you are feeling particularly nervous, try taking a few deep breaths and getting some fresh air. It may also help to inform the photographers that you are feeling nervous. Good photographers know how to make models feel more at ease. If you feel unsure as to what you should be doing or how you should be posing, request more direction from the photographers. After all, you are both working together to produce the best possible pictures.

If you have prepared well then your photo shoot should be a breeze.