Perfecting Your Online Teenage Modelling Profile

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When working with teen modeling agencies, you quickly realise that it’s a competitive field. There’s lots of ways you can get ahead in the industry. You need to make sure you’re showing off the best of your abilities and that your profile – and by extension you – can be found.

There are a wide range of modelling jobs you can find through your teen modelling agencies. As such you need to make sure that all the skills and little things which make you stand out are included in your e-portfolio.

What is a profile or e-portfolio?

Your modelling profile or e-portfolio is the way people can find you and decide whether you would be suitable for a particular job. Usually casting agents will have very specific requirements, and these will be things like hair colour, height, and age but they can also include things like skin tone, special skills or weight.

Other jobs might just generally require a teen generally, but if they are making up part of a family in a shoot for example they will be cast around certain things to make sure that the end product looks as much like a real family as possible. The mother and father might be cast first, and then the children or teenagers will be casted based on the appearance of their ‘parents’.

Back before everything could be done online you would have required a physical portfolio in order to show off your best shots. This would be more valuable than anything else you possessed, and often models would have copies made just in case something happened to it. It would have all your cuttings from things you’d done in the past, and all the best photos from other shoots. If you lost it you’d have nothing to show from years of work. They were expensive to build up initially, so you would protect it with your life.

With e-portfolios things are considerably easier. Digital versions of photographs can be backed up and stored for when you need them, and your profile is hosted online and not something which you could accidentally leave lying around. The downside of these easier profiles is that people don’t treat them with the same respect they would have their modelling book. Anyone can make one, and they can sit neglected without it costing much time or effort. If you sign up to teenage modelling agencies, make sure this isn’t something you do.

Teen Modeling
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Teen Modeling – Standing out from the crowd

As we just mentioned, it’s easy to forget about your e-portfolio. It’s also easy not to include enough information. It can be really tempted to just fill in the basic details, out on the minimum amount of snaps, and leave it well alone, expecting the offers to come rolling in. They then become frustrated that no one is inviting them to any castings and they’re not finding any work.

You teenage modelling agency will rely on you to keep your profile updated just as much as casting agents do. You can be put forward to jobs by your agency if you fit the bill. As online agencies tend to be quite large, and so they won’t know all the individual models by name and appearance.

You don’t need to get expensive photos taken in order to make your profile look good – casual snaps are good enough to get you started, and then as you take on work you can begin to build it. The most important thing is that you update regularly, so if you had look blonde hair and you dyed it brown and cut it short you’d need to change the information.

Fill in the fields to the best of your ability and make sure you include any skills you’ve picked up.