Why Signing Up To A Talent Management Agency Can Open Doors To Acting

Some of the most famous faces in tinseltown started out as models.
Some of the most famous faces in tinseltown started out as models.

Joining a talent management agency is about more than just modelling. While a modelling agency might focus more specifically on photographic assignments, you’ll get to experience all sorts of different roles.

You know that they call the Hollywood showbiz folk ‘beautiful people’? Well there is quite a good reason. Hundreds of the most popular actors you see on your screen started out their careers as models. Angelina Jolie? Former model. Uma Therman? Former model. Ashton Kutcher? Former flippin’ model.

Talent management agencies will allow you to try out various aspects of the world of ‘talent’. The term isn’t particularly specific because your role won’t be. You might end up taking part in a catalogue shoot one day, and working as an extra in a film the next. By having a go at a variety of different talent careers, you’ll be able to decide what you’re best suited for, and target your profile accordingly.

We decided to take a look at just a few of the acting greats who started out their life in the limelight as models.

Cameron Diaz

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A young Cameron Diaz was a model before she became one of the most well-known actresses in Hollywood

Cameron was discovered at 16, and after graduating, she spent the next five years of her life touring the globe. She worked for huge companies including Nivea and Coca Cola, before beginning to work as an actress in her twenties.

Mark Wahlberg

Would you believe that star of some of Hollywood’s biggest remakes used to model for this little know design who calls himself Calvin Klein before he graced the silver screen? Yup, our Mark started out in the modelling game before he found acting.

Angelina Jolie

It should be no surprise with those looks that Mrs Brad Pitt has dabbled in modelling. Before she was the actress and humanitarian mother of six, Angelina did a little bit of stills work. Not too camera shy, is Angelina!

Mischa Barton

You probably know Mischa from her days as Marissa in The OC, and you’d be forgiven for thinking she was an American actress. In fact, she’s an English model (and actress). She’s been working hard since childhood, taking part in advertising campaigns with Calvin Klein and Vogue. We’re seeing a bit of a pattern, and it seems like Calvin is definitely a good man to know if you want to act and model!

Cara Delevinge

Okay, well she may not be an acting great yet, but we don’t think it’s going to stay that way for long. Cara is one of the most in demand faces of the moment. But she’s said she’d be willing to gain weight or shave her famous eyebrows if an acting part called for it. Evidently modelling alone isn’t enough for everyone, and Cara likes to work hard and keep busy.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is pretty hot property. Not only is she an incredible actress, and naturally stunning, she’s also an excellent role model for young women. Jennifer has been likened to Gisele, and modelled for Abercrombie and Fitch before she won her Oscar. This woman basically defines talent!

A lot of people love the variety; after all, modelling isn’t exactly a safety career from when your mundane office job falls through. There are no guarantees that the work will flow thick and fast, so sometimes signing to a talent management agency as a supplement to your office job might be just the ticket.  And what’s better than going to the office on Monday and telling your co-workers all about your time on the film set?