Talent Management: Mature Model “Looks Too Young” To Get Work

Talent Management was interested to read mature model Carolyn Brennan’s story this week. The 49-year-old told the Daily Mail “I look too young to find work”

Talent Management mature model
Mature model Carolyn

Talent Management were interested to read mature model Carolyn Brennan’s story in the Daily Mail this week. In it she speaks of being unable to secure modelling assignments in recent months, because – at 49 years old – she still looks too youthful…

Brennan told reporters that over the last 12 months she has found it practically impossible to find work and that the reason most often cited for this is that she looks too young!

“I have always modelled in some capacity at trade shows, magazines and for big names like Harley Davidson and Aspire magazine and have always looked after myself,” she explained to Lucy Waterlow of the Daily Mail.

“When I decided to go freelance I started approaching agencies for work but I was told on more than one occasion I would struggle to find work because I looked too young.

“One agency told me I looked in my 20s. The irony is that I won’t even be considered for younger modelling projects because of my age.”

But why would those in the fashion and modelling industry not jump at the chance of hiring a very youthful-looking mature model? Brennan insists: “Magazines and modelling agencies want young women to look young and more mature women to, frankly, look old.”

The out of work model expresses a lot of frustration about this situation and says of her youthful figure: “Just because a woman is in her late 40s doesn’t mean she can’t be sexy or wear underwear. Not everyone has the figure I have but an awful lot of women do and what’s wrong with that?

“I’ve always been told by the photographer’s I’ve worked with that I have good legs for modelling. They haven’t really changed over the years but the work has dried up anyway.

“After approaching so many modelling agencies I know that I would get more work if I looked older but I’m not prepared to fit the stereotype.”

There is no denying that Brennan has kept her body in great condition for someone of her age, so here in the Talent Management offices we were interested to know what her tips are on remaining in such good shape.

She said: “I exercise a lot with stretches and running but I also think one of the reasons I stay young is a lack of a man. I think very often women can look older when they get in a long term relationship.

“I think this could be another reason why women of my age with my figure are frowned on by society because for some reason we are expected to be married and our bodies gone south a bit.”

Another reason for singletons to celebrate! Good luck finding more work in future Carolyn.