Talent Management Disabled Model Charlene Cares

Talent Management Disabled Model Charlene
Talent Management Disabled Model Charlene

Back in April Talent Management disabled model Charlene was selected by our client Scope – a UK Disability Charity – for a photo shoot for their ‘Britain Cares!’ campaign.

The campaign was about getting the Government to provide social care for disabled people who need it – essential support disabled people receive to get out of bed, get washed, dressed and leave the house – the basics in life that we all take for granted. They wanted to encourage as many people as possible to sign campaign postcards in Scope shops and upload photos online of them doing a message saying “I care!” or “We care!” which will be sent to MPs.

Scope have now sent us the finished shot they used of Charlene which has been used on posters in their shop windows all over the UK.

Scope - Britain care shop window poster
Scope – Britain care shop window poster

Our 28-year-old model seemed really passionate about the cause, and told us “I was quite nervous before I went on my photo-shoot today but as soon as the first few camera shots were taken I started to relax and felt better.

“The assignment was about getting the point across to MPs in the government that disabled people have a voice, and that there needs to be more people out there caring for disabled people. I had to do various poses and hold a cup that said ‘we care’.

“This was a new experience for me and the most enjoyable part of the day was learning how to pose with an angry expression to get the clients point across – that we care what happens to us. I would recommend this experience to others and it felt good to support this cause. There should be greater support and more help available out there for disabled people and those needing care.”

“I decided to join Talent Management because I love to model and I wanted to get some new experience. I always make sure I update my model e-portfolio with recent photos and keep my personal information up-to-date.

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Talent Management Model Charlene in Scope Window Display
Talent Management Model Charlene in Scope Window Display