Talent Management Teen Model Dan Recalls Experience As Olympic Torchbearer

One of Talent Management’s newly signed teen models, 18-year-old Dan, has just enjoyed a very exciting experience that will be hard to top!

Talent Management Teen Model Dan
Talent Management teen model Dan outside Hastings Museum
Talent Management teen model Dan holding the Olympic torch
Dan holding the Olympic torch
Talent Management teen model Dan holding the Olympic torch
Talent Management's teen model poses with a young girl

One of Talent Management’s newly signed teen models, 18-year-old Dan, has just enjoyed a very exciting experience that will be hard to top!

The agency’s Kent-based model/film extra was one of 8,000 inspirational Torchbearers to take part in the London 2012 Summer Olympics Torch Relay! Each one, Dan included, was nominated by someone they know and given their moment to shine, inspiring millions of people watching in their community, in the UK and worldwide.

Read on for Dan’s personal account of his ‘moment in history’…

“Well…My Great Britain Olympic Torch Run…16/07/12…It was a very nervy experience, at the very start of the day, getting suited up in my ‘snazzy’ white GB Torchbearer Outfit and worrying over what hairstyle to have.

“When we arrived we all went into a small cafe, really was a wonderful place right next to where my run would start. Now the good bit, I was transferred to the Worthing Dome where I met the entire group of Worthing runners, this room was just filled with awe inspiring people with unbelievable stories to tell, a true credit to Britain…and then there was me…I felt quite simply unworthy but still couldn’t complain being around such amazing people.

“We were all called onto the Olympic Bus and transferred to our location and with each drop off the nerves disappeared to be replaced by adrenaline and anticipation…the roars for each torchbearer as they left the bus, me sitting there knowing, that’s going to be me in a few minutes.

“As my time arrived I saw the crowds gathered and I was handed my torch and took my step out onto the road…and wow…the roar and cheering…everyone literally going wild for me and the torch I held, I have never had such a rush, people running up to me asking for a photo and on several occasions baby in one hand torch in the other!

“It was an experience like no other! I must have been there for a good 15minutes pulling poses for people everywhere before my moment to run with the Olympic Flame was to finally arrive.

“As a young female who I would exchange the flame with came closer I felt the worry mounting; would my torch be the one to go out, would I fall on national television…the Torch ‘Kiss’ then followed igniting mine and the flames leaping out…Kirsty whispered good luck and off I went to be a part of British and World history, I lifted my torch high above my head and as I did so children and adults each side done the same with their own personal handmade torches…as I ran I had people jumping into the road getting photos and saw my family and best mate catching photos as I ran through.

“Before I even knew it I had arrived to my end of my run and the Torch ‘kiss’ ensued again allowing the flame to continue its journey to the Olympic stadium. After some very quick snap shots from people at the end of my run I got back on the bus and convinced to driver to play some cheesy dance tunes and we all danced on the bus for everyone to see…kind of awkward but to be honest who cared it was a day to remember and a day that has its place in the history books, a history I was a part of; the greatest moment of my life…so far. All made possible by my Mum and Dad making me the man I am today.”

Sounds like Dan’s Olympic experience has left him with plenty of practice posing for the camera…perfect for the start of his modelling career!