Down’s Syndrome Child Model Cast In Swimwear Designer’s New Ads

Down's Syndrome child model cast in Dolores Cortés' new ads, image sourced via Ad Week
Down's Syndrome child model cast in Dolores Cortés' new ads, image sourced via Ad Week

At 10 months old, Valentina Guerrero has all the qualities that a modelling agent looks for in a baby model. She is cute, happy and an all round natural performer – so comfortable in front of the camera, that it seems she was born to be photographed.

The fact that this pretty young star has Down’s Syndrome has had no impact on her being snapped up by Spanish swimwear designer Dolores Cortés, who, according to AdWeek, has cast the smiley and endearing little girl in her new ad campaigns.

The Miami-born baby covers Cortés’ US catalogue and is also the official face of the brand’s 2013 DC Kids ads – and we can see why. Bright-eyed Valentina looks to be very photogenic in the picture above!

“People with Down’s syndrome are just as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities,” Cortés told AdWeek. “I’m thrilled to have Valentina modelling for us.”

Not only is Cortés helping diversify the modelling industry, but she also plans to donate 10% of the profits from the Dolores Cortés Kids USA line to the Down’s Syndrome Association of Miami.

As an inclusive modelling agency, Models Direct is delighted to see others reflect our ideals. Our model Gregg Baxter also has a disability which hasn’t held him back from modelling either, having recently featured in a library shoot for a local County Council campaign.

While some are embracing equality, with Target also casting a Down’s boy model not so long ago and baby Taya Kennedy recently being accepted on the books of a modelling agency, unfortunately, this story is still somewhat of a rarity.

But we’re still happy the industry is heading closer towards a more diverse beauty ideal.