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Booking models with Models Direct

Booking models with Models Direct

Back in October Models Direct received an unusual model booking enquiry from a marketing company on behalf of household brand name ‘Febreze’. They were looking to book a model to appear in a television advertisement for the company, but not just any model. Specifically they were looking for a male foot model, and Models Direct were confident that they could help.

Model Direct’s model booking team immediately set about finding the perfect pair of feet for the job and with so much diversity on the books, the agency managed to come up with two models that the company decided to use. Models Direct was delighted when they cast both and invited them to go along for the shoot in London on the 1st November.

Male models James (aged 35) and Darren (aged 19) were the happy successful candidates and both were excited to have been selected to appear in the advertisement. The job went smoothly and they enjoyed their experiences. James told us:

“It was great taking part in the TV advert for Febreze. I was a foot model so I hope I’m distinguishable in the advert! It was my first time modelling for Models Direct, so I was quite nervous, but the staff were friendly and showed me what to do and where to go. This was a great modelling assignment to put on my CV.”

Darren described what he felt he had gained from his experience and how he maximised his chances of success:

“I found the modelling assignment with Models Direct really exciting. It was great fun and I enjoyed the chance to try something new. It is definitely something I would love to do again. I loved following the directions and being able to show what I could do. I gained confidence and learned it is all about being yourself and having fun. I would recommend modelling to others as it is a great experience, you get to meet other people, try something different and is something to look back on in later life.”

“If you want to try something like this is worth while to join a modelling agency like Models Direct. I have kept my e-portfolio updated and keep pursuing jobs that come up. I joined the agency to try to pursue something I have wanted to try for a long time. I hope to gain experience and have fun while doing this.”

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