Child Models And Actors Help Raise Awareness In New Adoption Campaign

Leading UK modelling agency Models Direct has just seen this touching new advertisement which is currently raising awareness around the adoption of older children. It has been produced with the help of child models and actors in order to reassure prospective parents who may be considering the adoption of a child between the ages of 8 to 12.

The advertisement is part of a Public Service Announcement campaign that coincides with National Adoption Month in the US and is intended to help more than 26,000 preteens currently in the US foster system, all of whom need loving homes.

This situation is by no means limited to the US. In the UK 72% of children successfully adopted during the year ending March 1st 2010 were aged below 4 years, leaving thousands of older children still waiting for the stability and security that a family can provide. It is hoped that the models and actors featured in the new campaign will contribute to the successful adoption of more older children by sending the message that you don’t need to be perfect to be the perfect parent to a preteen child.

Peggy Conlon from the Ad Council said on the issue: “We are encouraging adults to open their hearts to the thousands of preteens that are available for adoption from foster care. We know the media will lend their support to these heartwarming PSAs to help shed light on the importance of foster care adoption.”

Those considering adopting can be hesitant around older children due to concerns that the child will find it more difficult to adapt, or that they themselves may be unable to cope with the needs of an older child. However, on the website it is explained that, “this is being disproved time and time again”.

It goes on to say: “Children who are old enough to know about and who want to be adopted can be placed with families with great success so don’t discount the option of adopting an older child. They need a family just as much as an infant does.”

If you are considering adopting there is still certain criteria that must be met when adopting an older child but many adoption agencies will look at each application on its own merits. If you are a couple you can jointly adopt without being married and, in the UK, hetrosexual, gay and lesbian couples can now adopt following changes in the law in 2005.

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