Council Estate Supermodels ‘Will Blow You Away’

British indie-electro live band ‘Council Estate Supermodels’ are reaching new highs as they continue to spread their unique & addictive sound across the UK.

Models Direct favourites 'Council Estate Supermodels' coming release
Models Direct favourites 'Council Estate Supermodels'

British indie-electro live band ‘Council Estate Supermodels’ are reaching new highs as they continue to spread their unique and addictive sound across the UK.

Modelling agency Models Direct have been following the band since 2009 and enthusiasts in our offices are not at all surprised by the fast-track rise to fame that this fab five have achieved since they came to our attention with their quirky name, and tracks to match, just two years ago.

The name of the band gives a cheeky acknowledgement to trends we have seen a lot of in recent years, where models, music artists and celebrities from everyday backgrounds have been making it big. In fact some of the UK’s favourite real-life supermodels have sprung up from the unlikeliest of places; the striking Agyness Deyn worked in a chip shop prior to finding fame as a supermodel, and Jordan Dunn was discovered in Primark before she too began a career in modelling.

CESM producer Jules Dent offers encouragement to anyone who is aspiring to achieve success – no matter what their background or ambition – with the words: “If you have the passion and drive to succeed you’re halfway there!”

This attitude has certainly worked for him. Since forming the band, determination and positivity have complimented raw talent enabling him to co-write some killer CESM tracks with lead singer Sam Woodford, many of which have caught the eye of industry professionals. Not least of these is Dave Spoon, who was so impressed with what he heard earlier in the year that he is now collaborating on the forthcoming album. We can’t wait to hear it! Meanwhile, the exclusive release of ‘Video Game’ (Rocstar Recordings) is due 6th November on Juno Downloads, general release will follow on the 13th November.

‘Video Game’ has already been voted number 4 out of the Headfunk radio show’s top 100 tracks this year. To celebrate the release Council Estate Supermodels are hosting a free party at House of Legends on the 4th November, in their home town of Newport on the Isle of Wight, in typical CESM style. If you can make it do so! The on-stage chemistry of this band has to be witnessed first hand to be believed. Sam is an incredible talent as a singer and front man and along with Jules, Jamie Dent (rhythm guitar), Danny Colson (lead guitar) and Danny Knox (drums), he brings each track to life, leaving crowds barely able to contain themselves. In fact, while back by popular demand at Bestival this year CESM were ‘stage invaded’ by forty or so excited fans during one of our favourite Council Estate Supermodels tracks, ‘She’s Oh So Yeah’.

The Isle of Wight Music Guide agrees: “The band have come up with a sound that is quite brilliant. Their songs are bold and aggressive, making their music a joy to listen to and will really get you wanting to dance, even if you are sat down. One of the best ways to get a feel for the band is to catch them live. Their shows will blow you away with a high tempo, unforgiving set from start to finish. Council Estate Supermodels are already making a name for themselves across the Isle of Wight and beyond and I think they will take the UK by storm sooner, rather than later.”

Go Guys! And ‘Keep it council’.