No7 Uses Non-Airbrushed Models In New Campaign

Boots No7 'tah dah!' campaign

Boots No7 'tah dah!' campaign

Last month, Boots’ cosmetic brand No7 launched its new ‘Ta Dah’ campaign. Not only do we love the campaign’s concept – which focuses on a moment in time that all women have, when they know they look and feel their best – but we are also big fans of the models.

No7 chose a selection of stunning age-appropriate models who have not had plastic surgery. And to top it off, the close-up shots of the models were created without using enhancements such as false eyelashes and were not airbrushed post production, which sadly seems to be standard practice nowadays.

No7 said that the campaign will not ‘misrepresent the efficacy’ of its products, as was the case with the infamous Lancôme and Maybelline ads that were recently banned by the ASA for excessive airbrushing.

By not retouching or digitally manipulating its campaign images, Mother, the company behind the adverts, has said that No7 is ‘breaking the mould’.

Head of No7, Amanda Walker, said: “No7 has always been a brand committed to making all British women look and feel beautiful. This dedication requires a deep understanding of British women, their thoughts and feelings towards beauty.”

Talent Management, the modelling agency that supports real and diverse beauty, couldn’t agree more – a product aimed at real women should be fronted by equally real, relatable and natural models, which is exactly what No7 has done.

So could this mark the beginning of a movement away from excessive pre and post-production techniques in cosmetic advertising?

We hope so, and hope that others will follow suit with more inspiring un-airbrushed campaigns!

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